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  • Syikom replied to the topic 'I'm utterly through with Ableton' in the forum.
    5 hours 42 minutes ago

    Thats a bit like a builder saying i utterly through with hammers because they have a nail gun...hammers are still useful.Why don't you just intergrate your new hardware
    into your setup.
    Cheers bro :)

  • Berni T created a new topic ' 42nd annual Poker Run' in the forum.
    8 hours 55 minutes ago

    Short vid I made of some of the bikes that rolled into town this weekend for the 42nd annual Poker Run.

  • RiverGoblin replied to the topic 'Attempt at trip-hop' in the forum.
    12 hours 46 minutes ago

    I liked this one. all feedback is subjective, heres my thoughts, based on how I like to do things and what I think sounds nice. personally I would reduce the reverb on the bass sounds, and address the EQ on the low mids in your bass sounds. The vocal sample was good but needed more low cut. Also, I would have liked the vocal to slowly sweep across the sterero feild, over the duration of the song rather than bouncing. Eq your reverb (that wil help to keep things clean)

  • joseph_gk
    13 hours 12 minutes ago

    Have been putting off joining a music production forum for a loooooooong time. Mostly because I suck at keeping up with forums, posting, etc. But I'm committed to changing that. So here I am, I think I've finally found a good one, and I'm feeling pretty productive about it. - feeling excited

  • joseph_gk uploaded a new Profile cover

    13 hours 16 minutes ago

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  • TweedleDub created a new topic ' I Can Count to Potato' in the forum.

    hahaha having some fun flaying around with DnB

    I Can Count to Potato - [TweedleDnB 9-21-14 WIP]

  • crazybulkreview

  • crazybulkreview

  • Jeremy2015 uploaded a new Profile cover


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Latest News / Blog

Introducing Seepage - Additive Synthesizer

Today I am releasing the beta version of Seepage, an additive style synthersizer/Max for Live patch that gives you control over the behaviour of individual harmonics.

It's available right now for Pro Members to download, play and give feedback on how the future versions should be made.


Hijack Da Bass - Cats In Heat Remix Competition

Hijack Da Bass is quickly rising portuguese team from Portugal. They are currently holding a remix competition for their latest track Cats in Heat.

They are good friends with some of the members of this site, so I've offered to chip in on the prize pool!


In Depth Explanation of the Leakage Glitch Bassline Machine

Today I made a more in depth tutorial video of how to use the Leakage device for those who are a bit unsure. Click here to learn more about Leakage and how to get your hands on it.


Leakage - Automatic Glitch Bassline Machine

I am very proud to announce that my latest device, Leakage, is now available for Pro Members to test out. Although this beta version works (I have not been able to break it) there might be a few flaws here and there, so I encourage you to please let me know in the forums if you come across any bugs that need fixing. 


Tips for Getting Your Tunes on the Radio

So you've crafted the next tech-lord masterpiece and you wanna share it with the world huh? Well let's get to it. Tom has asked me to share some tips with you that may improve your chances of getting played on the radio.


How To Approach Promoters, Artist Managers and Event Organizers

Trying to get booked for events when you are first getting yourself into the scene can be one of the most frustrating parts of being an artist or DJ.

When I first started, one of the things I wish I had hard wired into my brain is the fallacy of expecting of an equal amount of response, attention and effort to that of which you put in when you made a submission. A lot of the time you won’t get anything - but it’s not your fault!


6 Common Mix-takes That Producers Often Make

Preparing your tracks to get mastered? Follow this guide to find solutions to common mistakes producers often make.


Producer Chatline - Talk With Other Artists Within Ableton Live

Producer Chatline instantly connects you to any other users that are currently using the device.


Making Your Own Vocoder Like Device With Ableton Live 9

In this advanced video I *attempt* to build a basic vocoder like machine using nothing but native Ableton Live devices (and an Envelope Follower).

I wasn't too sure how it was going to turn out, but I got some results and learnt a lot myself.


How to Prepare for Problems When Performing Live Music From a Computer

Performing live electronic music is a double edged sword. If all the conditions are right, a live set can feel like you're playing an awesome video game that you know for a fact you are going to win. However, things do sometimes go wrong and if you’re not prepared you might find yourself in a world of confusion and embarrassment.