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  • jsnswt replied to the topic 'K37 - Everlasting Light' in the forum.
    Hey man, awesome tune, I feel like too much of a rookie to comment on this, ha! excellent use of strings and great clean mix!
    1 hours 51 minutes ago
  • jsnswt replied to the topic 'new track feedback needed!' in the forum.
    Hey man,

    your drums are very clean, no doubt about that. I must say that I agree with mr fork on this one, or at least until i hear the story finished. You have some interesting sounds on this, but I feel like there's an element missing, something to bring all of that together.
    Really liked the breakdown @ 4:42, wish you had stayed there for a few more bars.
    If it's a work in progress, then you're definitely on the right track.
    1 hours 58 minutes ago
  • jsnswt replied to the topic 'Trip-hop attempt' in the forum.
    Loved the different sections and transitions are pretty clean. would love to hear a punchier bass drum tho.
    Sweet tune overall!!
    2 hours 7 minutes ago
  • jsnswt thanks user 'Mr Fork' in the forum message ' Any comments?'.
    2 hours 19 minutes ago
  • jsnswt thanks user 'brenno9' in the forum message ' Any comments?'.
    2 hours 20 minutes ago
  • Berni T replied to the topic 'Seriously?? Banning EDM in Toronto...........' in the forum.
    Feyra Bass wrote:
    If the mayor can smoke crack and still run for re-election.....
    I mean really. I only do hard drugs when I'm alone and bored. A good rave keeps you up and happy. If you drive them underground then there's no regulating drug and alcohol use!
    Just kidding. I don't do hard drugs. :laugh:

    We know you do hard drugs ;) ...& unlike any form of EDM they are still underground :blink:
    Fucking hate what the mainstream has done to EDM, it was sooo much better when IT was underground. Let them keep there empire buildings...real EDM has no place there anyway. Time to hang the tiesticles & all the others by there balls & go back to the underground I say. Its gone from a cool underground scene to a billion dollar INDUSTRY in the last 25-30 years & the state of it makes me sick. I listened to the top 10 on Beatport today & almost pissed my pants laughing & made me feel queezy all at the same time, what a bunch of shite....
    Good, ban EDM far & wide so only the people that are not in it to make money but for the music will still keep doing it & the leaches will find something else to do.
    12 hours 13 minutes ago
  • Berni T created a new topic ' Internal 500 server error' in the forum.
    Still getting this error message when trying to connect sometimes.
    12 hours 48 minutes ago
  • kim.loco replied to the topic 'anybody using cloudkiller?' in the forum.
    Nice read..i have not been much active with comments on groups and such,just begun activly comment a couple av days ago...its nice to hear other peoples music style.. but i sometimes get anoying spam and followers which don`t even listning to my music.if thats the case i don `t follow back.
    15 hours 13 minutes ago
  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'anybody using cloudkiller?' in the forum.
    Interesting thread there Luc.

    Though the user 'Inofaith' sums up the best way to use soundcloud in my opinion and what he says is definitely the approach i take when it comes to using soundcloud thats for sure.
    Here is what he says for anyone thats interested:

    'Never ever try to sell or push something to people.
    Just make sure you're available/easily accessible/out there.

    I've build my soundcloud slowly, just being honest, sincere and nice to people in comments. I've never sent a message to anybody asking to listen to my music. I hate it when people just blatantly send that spam to me so I don't do it to others.
    I upload my most worthwhile work to soundcloud and share it in groups, people can discover it on their own there... that's what I like about soundcloud (or at least in the early days)... that you click on some random songs in a group, and you're amazed by somebody talented and try to find out who that person is and what the rest of their music is about. THAT's exciting... not receiving a message with "hi, listen to my shit".

    Recently I've passed the 2000 followers mark (in over 2 years time)

    Having soundcloud as a central place, people are divided all over the web. So post your tracks all over the various sites and networks. Rember, just post it, don't send messages to people and push it under their noses.

    Be friendly to people when you interact, scoundcloud, facebook and twitter allow you to come in direct contact with your heroes... and if they do answer your message, it better be something nice eh?
    Don't spend time online with your fans when you're in a bad mood.

    I also sometimes notice that certain artists who are bigger have a more distance on their facebook pages and soundcloud comments. The never or rarely comment back on all the comments. Which I think is sad but understandable. It kind of creates this ivory tower / company-like feeling. I find it's much more pleasand if an artist has a real human connection ability to him/her.
    That they will take some time out of their busy schedule to get back to all the fans that bothered to like/fav and write sincere comments on their various websites. It's the least you can do.

    However I find it harder and harder to keep track of comments and tracks sent to me recently as traffic on soundcloud has increased significantly. It's as much of a burden as it is a blessing, so be careful what you wish for.
    17 hours 3 minutes ago
  • lucky one replied to the topic 'anybody using cloudkiller?' in the forum.
    This is the thread I have seen about CloudKillers:

    But I realize now that 'Zeecho' is certainly an employee from 'soundcloudpromotions' trying to put cloudkillers down...

    It worked on me, lol :D
    17 hours 34 minutes ago
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