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  • Ambassador created a new topic ' How should vocals sit in the mix and be processed?' in the forum.
    4 hours 19 minutes ago

    Hey guys, I'm working on a track that's way different than anything I'd normally do. It's this melodic thing at 86 bpm so it might end up being drumstep-ish. However, I decided to try recording some simple vocals and I was curious what you guys knew about getting vocals to sit in the mix.

    So this track in particular will probably have a vocal lead in the center ish... if that is the correct way to put it. So far I have some "ahhhs" as background vocals but Im not sure they fit exactly... What are some guidelines you all have found as far as EQing and panning and whatnot?

    So far I have four "ah" tracks that are all doubled and panned L/R with some delay on one side to take advantage of the haas effect. Maybe some saturation on one of the sides for some extra oomph and a shitload of reverb/delay.... Also, I didn't have a decent mic so I decided to record them with a SM57 for now just as a proof of concept thing, I'll re record them later for sure with better equipment.

    Anyways, I feel like I am kind of flying blind here and just tweaking with stuff without fully understanding what should be done in a track like this.

    Here is a private link of the track so far. Keep in mind there is still no lead in the center during the "ahs" which start at the 30 second mark.

  • Berni T created a new topic ' Good deals on NI stuff right now!' in the forum.
    4 hours 50 minutes ago

    Check em out...

  • fescozahid created a new topic ' Style Games for kids' in the forum.
    20 hours 40 minutes ago

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  • GiftGiver created a new topic ' Old School Video Game Remix "Challenge"' in the forum.

    Hey what's up guys?

    As a fun exercise I was going to do a remix of a classic SNES or SEGA game song...

    Was thinking Sonic, Mario, or some such along those lines- anyways- I thought it would be cool to see if anyone else wanted to give it a go and we could compare our results?

    I'll pop back in tonight to pick a song t o remix no one else chimes in with an idea, so far I'm thinking:




  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Neurofunk tune finished' in the forum.

    Yeah it did seem fairly loud. Maybe mine was too soft? Not sure. Just about every sound in here seems like it's been boosted in the high frequencies (maybe saturation or distortion use as well). That would account for it being loud while still not being overcompressed (although maybe there are other ways to do it that I'm not aware of. Still though even though everything was brought out to be in the face it wasn't overly harsh so I'd say all that spectrum work paid off.

    I tried to make some comments but soundcloud kept putting them in the wrong places so I put one in and thought I'd make the rest here. Anyway nice work on the track. From the name of it I was not expecting what I heard lol. It seemed like this iceberg was rather ticked off.

    Ultimately my take on it is I loved the little glitchy noises at the beginning. Kinda reminded me of the sound of ice cracking. All the sounds were very clean and balanced well. I won't go much into choice of sounds or anything like that because that's all personal preference and ultimately everything sat well together. The one thing I WILL point out though was the SC compression on the bass around 2:05. That effect in that spot didn't make sense to me. Felt like it disrupted the track. Other than that I thought the production of the track was great. Sounds fit well together. You can tell quite a bit of effort went into it. Nice work.

  • DamonBreakz replied to the topic 'Cosmic Core Genre Album 2 ! " ?....From The Core"' in the forum.

    Ok, so we have about 10 tracks, who was up for mastering?

    Also SUBSET, was it you that had the 'Sookie' track? is that the right name of the artist? If so , wizz it over along with his/her artist info and I'll add it to the Dropbox folder. I am starting to wake my brain up and redirect my energy! We have a month to release before the end of the year, if we want to hit that , still time to get it all done.
    I won't stress people about it though, but if you are able to, finish off any submissions you haven't yet submitted folks!

    //Damon Breakz\\

  • halfr3d thanks user 'vk_' in the forum message ' Neurofunk tune finished'.
  • DamonBreakz thanks user 'speakerbug' in the forum message ' Re: Let's Make An Album/Mixtape?'.
  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Mr Fork new track - A Reflection of Blue' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    @ vk_ Thanks for taking a listen man. The snare isn't a sample. I haven't used samples much for drums since NI came out with their drum synths in maschine 2.0. I find it much easier to just use a synth of some sort to create what I'm hearing in my head instead of trying to bend a sample to my will. Just seems to take a lot more time searching through samples. So that was one of the snare synth models and then I used some gentle saturation to give it a little more bite and bring it forward and then used a transient shaper to give it a bit more punch and bring the sustain down. Put a plate reverb with a short decay on it after that.

    The lead line that I'm using for a melody was just a piece of a really long improv that I did on the track while messing around. I guess I could make an extended cut and bring some of that back in if I can't get a guitarist to work with me. Hoping I can though.

    @Karl I'm familiar with Michael Wadlow. I'm friends with him on FB and I'm following him on soundcloud. I didn't know he was an ipad composer. That's really cool. I'm trying to get one myself but I'm not sure I'd write full songs on it. Have to see I guess. Depends on the workflow. Anyway I'll see if I can contact him or Jack to see if he'd be willing to put something down for me. Thanks for the tip.

    @Feyra I'll email it to ya along with the lead in case you want that too. Favorite track? Sweet!!! :cheer:

  • Mr Fork thanks user 'Feyra Bass' in the forum message ' Mr Fork new track - A Reflection of Blue'.
    2 days ago
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