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  • brenno9 replied to the topic 'I Wish You Were Beer' in the forum.
    Thanks steve! I appreciate the comment
    2 minutes ago
  • brenno9 thanks user 'StevePottz' in the forum message ' I Wish You Were Beer'.
    3 minutes ago
  • StevePottz created a new topic ' All Rhodes Tend to Roam - a live jam/composition' in the forum.
    I thought I'd try something new today. I had a few basic ideas for track but hadn't really developed it at all, so I set myself up with Ableton Live and Push and attempted a live take/jam of a tune just to see where it went. It ended up being a couple of takes to get this mostly due to camera issues (the iphone bulldog clipped to a sheet music stand on top of some books is not that stable), but this is still essentially a once off composition/arrangement.

    I didn't go back and fix any of the keyboard fluffs nor spend any time on mixing, so this is what you would have heard live.

    Any similarities to the music of Klartraum are not coincidental, I have been listening to a lot of their music lately and their live show is awesome (I do wish I had another pair of hands when doing the live's tough!). I think some of their dub techno style would have rubbed off.

    I'm going to take the ideas generated in this exercise and do a studio mix of this track. But I'm keen to hear what others are doing in this live space?
    44 minutes ago
  • StevePottz replied to the topic 'Sup Guys! Any feedback??' in the forum.
    A good start to a track. I agree with Karl - the lead sound in the intro is a little flat, get some more modulation in some of the parameters so it has more interest factor.

    It actually is begging for a cool vocal to come in at about the 1:20 mark. Keep working it, it's sounding cool so far.
    46 minutes ago
  • StevePottz replied to the topic 'New Wip - Feedback most welcome' in the forum.
    I don't know too much about this style of music, so take any comments with that in mind. The beginning warp, I found a little irritating, possibly just the way it repeats and the tempo and the feel..
    There's a couple of ideas that are worth exploring more. I think loosing the warble in the beginning will give you more to work with with the other instruments you have there. Also the 'come on' vocal has a feel like it should be something a little more laid back.
    The stop phrasing at the 2 min mark I don't think work.

    All just personal opinion, I think you should work the tune a little more and get some tighter direction for the tune. Keep it up.
    50 minutes ago
  • StevePottz replied to the topic 'I Wish You Were Beer' in the forum.
    liking the vocal sample work. I'm always a sucker for cut up vocals.
    Got a great funky vibe. Certainly has me tapping along. mix and arrangement are sounding good - nothing much more to add.
    57 minutes ago
  • StevePottz replied to the topic 'New Electro Soul Ep - Free download.' in the forum.
    Sounds really good. Outside Inside is my favourite - very funky.
    1 hours 1 minutes ago
  • brenno9 replied to the topic 'I Wish You Were Beer' in the forum.
    Thanks for the listen and comment karl!
    1 hours 7 minutes ago
  • Cosmic Tree uploaded a new avatar.
    1 hours 53 minutes ago
  • What's going awn? Did everyone leave town or shumtin?

    Drop the mutherfuckn beat, dawg...
    3 hours 54 minutes ago
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