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  • Artnotwar thanks user 'Fatass Bully' in the forum message ' Output levels and clipping.'.
    7 minutes ago
  • Artnotwar thanks user 'Mr Fork' in the forum message ' Output levels and clipping.'.
    7 minutes ago
  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'New Chicago-Style House Track-Breath of Abacus' in the forum.
    4 hours 5 minutes ago

    Agreed. Definite strong 90s house vibes. I liked the vocal sample you used as well. The feel of the track was definitely there. As I was listening to it I was thinking it could use something to fill out the track more. Whether that spatial effects or fx noises. I thought the drums in general sounded a bit loose but that's personal preference and can easily be cleaned up with some gating or compression. The snare did stand out a bit as needing some attention. What Karl was saying should help with some of that. Layering is also an option. Grab something with more of a transient on the attack. Could also use reverse compression or a transient shaper for some extra attack. Actually this song reminded me of a game called streets of rage that I used to play back in the sega genesis days. Good times. Nice work on the track so far. I'll try to keep an eye open for a repost on this to see how you did if you make any changes.

  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'My Latest Creation - Rackin Bass Lines - MrMorphz' in the forum.
    4 hours 19 minutes ago

    "I hear what Forky is on about with your transitions but to me everything flowed nicely and you had enough change ups to keep it interesting too."

    I do ramble sometimes. ;)

  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'New Chicago-Style House Track-Breath of Abacus' in the forum.
    4 hours 41 minutes ago

    Hey man. This is real old skool, proper 90's classic house feel to this one.

    I like your intro, the vocal snippets are a real nice touch and you have mixed them well. The beat sounds nice and the chord melody is classic, but then you introduce a snare/clap sample at 0:33s thats not quite hitting where it should in terms of its timing with the rest of your beat. or you may have layered a snare and clap but have pre-shifted them to far before the beat so it makes it sound out of whack a bit, i think you could mix this snare hit better too, give it some snap with some reverb or delay to make it shine, id even be tempted to EQ some more low end out of it and tune it a bit maybe.

    The bass line that comes in is nice and so is the arp melody you have going but its screaming out for some delay, it does sound dry to me.
    The first break to me still feels a bit on the empty side, again i think the snare is throwing that flow off a bit, you could get some FX in here and play with some delays too, maybe even an old skool house piano melody.

    I do like your vocals though, they are mixed nicely, you could use them more too throughout the track, cut them up a bit, reverse them use them in transitions etc.
    Also try side chaining your percussion to your kick or a muted trigger to help your kick come through and also help with your percussion.

    Keep at it though mate, maybe come back to it with fresh ears and you should hopefully hear where I'm coming from.
    House is not a big genre of mine so believe me I'm no expert mate, I'm just giving you my honest thoughts as i listen to the track and things id personally do or look at if i were producing the track.

    Cool work bud, Peace ;)

  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'My Latest Creation - Rackin Bass Lines - MrMorphz' in the forum.
    4 hours 57 minutes ago

    Really nice work here Morphz.

    I can hear how much fun you had putting this together, i cant really suggest anything for the track as i thought it was pretty top notch.
    I hear what Forky is on about with your transitions but to me everything flowed nicely and you had enough change ups to keep it interesting too.

    Cracking track mate well done ;)

  • djeyemaster replied to the topic 'My Latest Creation - Rackin Bass Lines - MrMorphz' in the forum.
    5 hours 4 minutes ago

    I enjoyed it!!!! Had like a 300 King Leonidas type feel! The drops are like THIS IS SPARTAAAAH!! I've been getting alot of great tips from here and I've soaked it all up! Keep going with it mate!!!! B)

  • djeyemaster created a new topic ' New Chicago-Style House Track-Breath of Abacus' in the forum.
    8 hours 56 minutes ago

    Greetings to all!

    I made another house track! Being raised in Chicago, House is my mother genre! Being in the military for 22yrs, DJing and making tunes keeps me sane!

    Enjoy, Feedback is always welcome, and stay blessed!

    DJ I-Master aka Tha Abacus

    Breath of Abacus

  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Output levels and clipping.' in the forum.
    10 hours 4 minutes ago

    " I'm a bit obsessive over things like this and find it hard to do things if I know I don't understand them, which definitely holds me back from learning."

    Yeah I hear you. In fact I started off like this. The problem I was having had to be down this long rabbit hole and if i only understood what that did completely then I would be able to write better music. Actually I found that was incorrect. There's a difference between understanding how to use a tool and knowing how the tool was made. There are a huge number of vst and hardware compressors that are out there. Each one imparts character in certain ways which is why people use this one for this situation and this other one for that other situation. Maybe it adds more distortion, maybe it DOESN'T distort where it should, maybe it glues everything together better, etc. Now knowing what each of these compressors does sound wise and knowing how a compressor works in general will help you make the right decision about using it in a track. Understanding how it was MADE will help you build a compressor. Ultimately knowing the math behind something MAY help you understand how they intended you to implement the tool. But unless you know the math behind everything you are using you won't have the full picture of what you're doing anyway (i.e. you may know the math behind that compressor but now you want to use a reverb....or you want to lower the bit depth or sample you need to know how the compressor will effect that altered signal based on the math of those devices). At that point you might as well give up trying to write music and just focus on how to build music writing tools. Unless you are that mathematical prodigy...who might be.

    Anyway all these wormholes go down a path that ill Gates calls "Ant F___cking". I'm not really a swearing kinda guy but the impact here I think is worth it. You get so focused on those little pieces that you can't get anything done.

    "Is this the reason people set their kick and bass levels to around -8d to -10db?".

    I didn't know that they did. Also who is "they". ;)
    You're looking for absolutes I think. If I do the following thing I will get the best result because this pro did this and you want to sound like a pro as quickly as possible. Again I started with the same thing. To answer that I'll go with what Berni was saying. You need to use your ears. You can take any given track and find that those numbers are different. You may find you don't want the kick that loud depending on the type of track you write of the effect you are going for. And if they ARE different it might very well mess you up. WHAT???? He had his kick at -.6db instead of -8db?????

    SOOOO mixing phase. When you're writing a track don't worry as much about levels. There are 4 phases that I can tell to writing music.

    1. sound design
    2. writing/arranging
    3. mixing
    4. mastering

    Some people end up skipping all over the place in these steps. Every pro in the field will warn you against it because you break your flow. Once you hit the mixing here's what I do. Drag all your faders to the bottom except maybe returns. That one is up to you. You should hear absolutely nothing unless you have a pre fader send. If you do then drop that down too. If your track is kick and bass centric such as dance music of any sort start by bringing your kick up to half. Stop at half. If you bring it up too high you will have nowhere to go if you need to bring it up later. Then bring in your bass. The balance between these two is key so I always start with those two. If you are using a loop for your kick then you're going to have to do the best you can balancing with those other elements in play. Assuming you don't have to do that, once you have the bass and kick in you can start bringing up your other elements. Always balance them though against the kick and bass since those are what drives the dance floor and we're assuming you're writing a dance piece. Don't touch the kick and bass faders if something sounds too loud and is drowning out the kick and bass. If you end up with that being an issue find the element that's too loud and drop that one. If it's multiple then drop everything but your balanced kick and bass back to 0 and start again (you don't have to but it might help). Once you have everything close to where you want it then you can start adjusting those faders above half if you need to. Keep in mind though that this is only level work. You may or may not have done EQing, saturation, compression, etc. those will effect your level as well which is why I emphasize using your ears not your math.

    Hope that helps. Sorry for the ridiculously long post but I hope it helps answer some questions. Don't try to be "pro" right away. You need to make mistakes. I challenge you to write 5 crappy tunes as fast as you possibly can. Do everything you can wrong. Overcompress the heck out of everything. Overuse saturations and distortions. Ridiculously EQ things. Get yourself out of the boundaries that you have set for yourself. Writing a really crappy tune is amazingly freeing because you KNOW it's going to be crap and that's what you are trying for. As you are writing these crappy songs you will notice that you will get the hang of the tools you are using and your crappy tunes will start sounding less crappy. You will know what didn't work the last time and try different things the next. "An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field". Use your ears......make mistakes.....have fun. ;)

  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'Where do I start!!??' in the forum.
    14 hours 24 minutes ago

    Hi Tombeard

    Welcome to the forums, first i would recommend you sign up to Pro Membership and then head to the download archive to watch all of Toms other videos and the rest of the Introduction To Digital Audio Production Using Ableton Live series that you have been watching.

    Also join in with the forums, there are a lot of people in this community that will help you and there are also a lot of people in this community that are new to production just like yourself.

    In the meantime keep using Ableton, get to know it like the back of your hand and experiment with the devices Ableton offers, combine that with the tutorial videos and you will be making quality music in no time.

    All the best.

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