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  • Fatb0y-nz replied to the topic 'Cardboard in the bottom of my shoes' in the forum.
    10 minutes ago

    Great song. I like how all the percussion sits nicely in the mix. Nice work.

  • Fatb0y-nz replied to the topic 'New track. Any and all feedback is appreciated.' in the forum.
    16 minutes ago

    Thanks for listening and for the feedback. In retrospect the bass is a little overpowering. Something I need to learn to mix and master better. Cheers.

  • Fatb0y-nz thanks user 'zaacmac' in the forum message ' New track. Any and all feedback is appreciated.'.
    18 minutes ago
  • zaacmac replied to the topic 'New track. Any and all feedback is appreciated.' in the forum.
    5 hours 45 minutes ago

    Very awesome track. Nice progression and a nice tribal feel to it. Almost feel like i need some congas in there early on to give it a bit more of a tribal feel. The Bass that comes in around 3 mins seems a bit over powering in the mix and seems to maybe a tad over compressed? Not too sure on that one.

    Really nice sounds coming out of the brute though. Love it.

  • zaacmac replied to the topic 'I'd like to take a moment...' in the forum.
    5 hours 51 minutes ago

    Only had enough time to listen to the first one but the only thing i can really point out is that your drums are being drowned out in the mix and they aren't as impacting as i would have expected given the other elements in the tracks. The arp work is great and shows alot of time and effort. The Guitar could us some more equing a tad muddy I think. Really like the feel of the track. Summer anthem style. Good work over all

  • zaacmac replied to the topic '100bpm aquatic whompy tune (432hz)' in the forum.
    5 hours 59 minutes ago

    Very nice bro. Some of the parts in this tune seem a tad busy for my liking esp when comparing to other tunes done at 432hz. Have found that less is more sound wise with some of those tunes. Very awesome sound design here too like it alot

  • halfr3d replied to the topic '100bpm aquatic whompy tune (432hz)' in the forum.
    7 hours 2 minutes ago

  • halfr3d replied to the topic '100bpm aquatic whompy tune (432hz)' in the forum.
    8 hours 20 minutes ago

    if u use operator, detune ur fine course to a value between 962 and 968 (check with a tuner) , this bascially shifts your oscillator one octave up -32 cents and then adjust the global pitch to make it sit where u want
    if u use analog you find detune on the right
    the same happens for collision /corpus/ sampler

  • halfr3d replied to the topic '100bpm aquatic whompy tune (432hz)' in the forum.
    8 hours 23 minutes ago

    Hello man! it's quite a complex topic but basically, making it 432 hz means that u have to detune everything by 32 cents (i advise to have a chart of those frequencies and use a lot of spectrum analyser to make it work) depends on the synths u use... i give u the link to more detailed info: (there's a huge book i advise u and also some tuning files u can load in differnt synths...)
    One thing is having your synth at 432 hz instead of 440, and another huge topic related which i advise u to dive in (i'm doing the same at the moment) is equal temperament vs pure intonation ecc cause it seems that the beauty/geometry of these frequencies emerge much better in temperament different from "equal temperament" (such as pure intonation and pythagorean ).... there are plenty of resources on the net on these topics and it's a global learning process, there are not fixed truth.... (
    Hope it helped
    if u have more specific question, don't hesitate!

  • zaacmac created a new topic ' Cardboard in the bottom of my shoes' in the forum.
    8 hours 33 minutes ago

    Hi People!

    Long time since I've posted here. After a couple of months of work and a couple of weeks between sessions I have finished this baby. Be keen on some thoughts if ya have any.

    Experimented with the progression a bit with this.


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