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Dear users, I have decided to phase out the posting on the forums on this website and move any discussions over to this private facebook group or join the Discord for realtime chat. I will not make the forums offline as there is a wealth of content, but posting has now been disabled. Thanks to all those who have contributed over the years, and I'll see you over on the Facebook group or Discord! -Tom

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    geraldsnm created a new forum post in General Chat

    Mapping un-mappable controls (Transpose for Ex)

    Hi Tom,

    A fan of your works (Moo Juice - fav track) and I was a paid subscriber a good portion of last year although my account is in free status at the moment.

    I had a question that I think someone of your caliber would have already potentially have solved.

    It seems ridiculous that you can't map an encoder to transpose a track for jamming on the fly.

    Have you by any chance found a way to address this issue?

    Another button that would be super useful for live jamming and Ableton in infinite genius does not allow mapping would be to be able to dis-engage the WARP on/off so that you can then half or double the global tempo play a deck at a different speed like you would in a DJ environment...

    Of course you can click the warp off but it seems silly that this is not mappable.

    Any thoughts are much appreciated. I've been trying to crack this nut for a while.

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