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  • Berni T replied to the topic 'Experience the best Yoga retreats' in the forum.
    5 hours 36 minutes ago

    Does yoga also make you really dumb? This is a forum about music, music production & Ableton Live :P

  • halfr3d replied to the topic 'Electro, Moog, filter and bubbles' in the forum.
    6 hours 42 minutes ago

    i just listened and enjoyed it a lot--nice work (love the3 filter

  • Bl4cksun thanks user 'Jemeneye' in the forum message ' arrangement tutorial'.
    7 hours 23 minutes ago
  • Jemeneye replied to the topic 'arrangement tutorial' in the forum.
    11 hours 48 minutes ago

    Hey dug,

    I think this might help:

  • brucey created a new topic ' Experience the best Yoga retreats' in the forum.
    16 hours 6 minutes ago

    Yoga retreats are predominant in India, these retreats introduce individuals to Yoga. The best yoga retreats are located in India. Tourists from all over the world visit India annually to experience Yoga and wellness. It is possible to learn and practise Yoga at affordable rates. All yoga retreats have adequate facilities to learn and practise Yoga. These Yoga retreats are quite popular with tourists, many tourists visit India seeking these retreats. Those who have attended these retreats have become patrons and practise Yoga in their routine. It is a great idea to train in Yoga at these retreats and include it in our busy lives. Yoga eliminates the stress and tensions of the hectic life. Yoga retreats introduce many persons to Yoga, they can experiment and practise Yoga as a part of their routine. Tourists throng the best Yoga retreats to learn and practice Yoga. These retreats are located in a calm and healing atmosphere. Yoga heals the mind and body. It is ideal for healing insomnia and other sleep related disorders. There are many Yoga retreats in India. Tourists from countries all over the world visit these Yoga retreats in India. It is a great idea to visit Yoga retreats during vacations and learn Yoga. The best Yoga retreats have all the facilities to learn and practise Yoga, it also cures many diseases such as obesity, diseases caused due to stress and tensions and other issues. Yoga relieves stress and improves the mind, body and soul.

  • dugdigit created a new topic ' arrangement tutorial' in the forum.

    Hi there,
    I would really love a tutorial on arrangement. I know it's a rather subjective and personal thing but I'm finding that it's the most difficult part of producing for me, I can come up with great parts all day but fitting them together to make a finished song that has a nice flow from start to finish is another story altogether. I've managed to do it anyway but I find that I spend way more time arranging and tweaking things than writing all the parts. I've tried using another song as a template but I usually find it more of a distraction than a help.
    And I'd really like to say thanks for everything, your tut's have been invaluable for me and I probably would never have gotten past the initial WTF of Ableton without your "introduction" series. My first EP will have a big thank you to Tom Cosm on it for sure.
    Cheers from warm and sunny Alaska :)

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  • vk_ replied to the topic 'New DUBTRXX release - preview' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Hey all! The full track is out on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and what have you through DUBTRXX/Plamsapool. Check it out! Would love to hear what you think.

    Thanks! vk.

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Why Producing In-The-Box May Be Holding You Back

Being able to make a fully-fledged song on nothing more than a consumer laptop and a decent pair of headphones is a truly amazing representation of how technology has progressed over the last two decades.

It’s cheaper, faster, and easier. The immense joy of musical creation is no longer a luxury reserved for those with money. Instead, it’s readily available for any person willing to dedicate the time and patience.

But this advancement and opportunity comes with a few caveats, one of which is that the music creation process in the eyes of a bedroom producer has been flipped upside down, chopped-up, and compressed into one holistic task.

Is this a bad thing? No. Not at first look, at least. Every producer has a different workflow, and in my opinion, anyone who stays in the game long enough climbs out of the ruts and moves past difficulties in that area. 

Despite this, there is a problem that many developing bedroom producers encounter. The problem of frustration: not being able to finish tracks, taking too long to finish them, or trying to grasp at the enjoyment that you once felt when creating music. This sense of frustration generally has more than one cause, and this article probably won’t fix it, but it may help some of you. 


Quick Chain Select - New Free Utility

This utility allows you to specify 16 individual points on the chain selector, allowing you to jump to that point with a single push of a MIDI assignable button.

There is also a previous/next button to move forward or back through your points.

You can also enter text for each preset, which will be displayed in a popup window so you always know which point is selected.


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I've uploaded the entire Ableton Live project files for my two latest tunes, Chelsei's Sea Shells and Mind Gobbies. Here are video runthroughs of each of the two tunes.


Introducing Seepage - Additive Synthesizer

Today I am releasing the beta version of Seepage, an additive style synthersizer/Max for Live patch that gives you control over the behaviour of individual harmonics.

It's available right now for Pro Members to download, play and give feedback on how the future versions should be made.


In Depth Explanation of the Leakage Glitch Bassline Machine

Today I made a more in depth tutorial video of how to use the Leakage device for those who are a bit unsure. Click here to learn more about Leakage and how to get your hands on it.


Leakage - Automatic Glitch Bassline Machine

I am very proud to announce that my latest device, Leakage, is now available for Pro Members to test out. Although this beta version works (I have not been able to break it) there might be a few flaws here and there, so I encourage you to please let me know in the forums if you come across any bugs that need fixing. 


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So you've crafted the next tech-lord masterpiece and you wanna share it with the world huh? Well let's get to it. Tom has asked me to share some tips with you that may improve your chances of getting played on the radio.


How To Approach Promoters, Artist Managers and Event Organizers

Trying to get booked for events when you are first getting yourself into the scene can be one of the most frustrating parts of being an artist or DJ.

When I first started, one of the things I wish I had hard wired into my brain is the fallacy of expecting of an equal amount of response, attention and effort to that of which you put in when you made a submission. A lot of the time you won’t get anything - but it’s not your fault!


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