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  • TERMINI uploaded a new avatar.
    7 minutes ago
  • Jemeneye replied to the topic 'K37 Remix Competition for SJE Records' in the forum.
    I'll be looking for it this weekend!
    11 minutes ago
  • benjaminsravikumar replied to the topic 'Quick Modulation Question...' in the forum.
    as usual you guys out here clear stuff up for me and everyone else.... much appreciated......
    26 minutes ago
  • benjaminsravikumar thanks user 'Tom Cosm' in the forum message ' Quick Modulation Question...'.
    27 minutes ago
  • benjaminsravikumar thanks user 'Mr Fork' in the forum message ' Quick Modulation Question...'.
    27 minutes ago
  • zaacmac created a new topic ' New Wip - Feedback most welcome' in the forum.
    Been working on this one for the last wee while and am probs about a 1/4 of the way there Please feel free to give feed back
    50 minutes ago
  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'Speakers cut out, and can't watch Tom's videos' in the forum.
    What are you running? Mac or PC? you should be able to hear both if running a mac as you will be using the core audio driver. if your not using the core audio driver then switch to that driver when you want to run ableton and watch Toms tutorials at the same time.

    If your running a windows PC then you may want to change the audio driver from ASIO or whatever it is your using to MME/DirectX and you should be able to hear both.
    1 hours 23 minutes ago
  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Speakers cut out, and can't watch Tom's videos' in the forum.
    Zeb it sounds like you don't have all your audio settings set properly. I'm not sure if this is a windows machine but it sounds like one as it's the same issues I had a while back minus the speakers. Although that could have been happening to me I just don't have an internal speaker in my tower. So here's the thing.....when you set up ableton you choose a bit depth and sample rate. The sample rate needs to match up with the rest of your operating system settings otherwise it's trying to render out 2 different sample rates at the same time. For instance if you have your system set to 44.1khz but ableton is set up to 48khz the two will be in conflict if you try to run them together which is why your music and everything plays fine when ableton isn't open. So guess is that you need to go through your audio settings and make sure they're all set to the same sample rate. Hope that helps.
    1 hours 31 minutes ago
  • zeb created a new topic ' Speakers cut out, and can't watch Tom's videos' in the forum.
    First ever internet question!
    Just two little problems that have been there since I started using Ableton a few months back.
    A ) If I plug speakers (normal cheapos) in to ableton, after about ten or twenty minutes, the sound suddenly reverts to the laptop speakers.
    It doesn't do this when watching films or listening to mp3's.
    Have to unplug speakers, restart, then plug speakers in again. Repeat ad nauseum...
    B ) Ableton seems to take all the sound capabilities, so I can't open up one of Tom's lovely videos and work along with it.
    Likewise, can't start with the video and then have sound from Ableton.

    Would love any suggestions on how to solve these mysteries, and will try to pass on your help by answering someone else's question, tho prob not on ableton!
    2 hours 20 minutes ago
  • zeb replied to the topic 'Are you new? Introduce yourself here!' in the forum.
    Howdy. Really like Tom's teaching style, covers the basics while not being being too simplistic.

    Want to make decent tunes, got quite a few on guitar, just need to capture them.
    In a band, but the guys won't want to do the soppy ones... fair enough!

    I'm interested in making music at the 432hz tuning, but ableton doesn't make that easy... I know 432hz seems like a waste of time to some, but if its possible to do that I probably would. At the mo I just do them without synths. Don't have max for live.

    Really love Afro Celt Sound System and bands like that, taking the best of old music, tribal, folk etc, and combining them with the amazing new sounds of this era.
    Hello to you all around the world, I'm in Nottingham, hope your having a lovely day
    2 hours 36 minutes ago
    Masan Thanks guys! I appreciate it!
    18 hours 34 minutes ago
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