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  • MrMorphz replied to the topic 'MrMorphz - Robotechnika' in the forum.
    1 hour 7 minutes ago

    Thanks so much for the feedback, especially from you two guys (I've got your remix of 'prometheus rising' fork and 'tech nervo tic' Feyra on my soundcloud playlist, love those tracks)

    My main goal with Ableton is to not be 'good enough' or just know enough... I want to master this and with good feedback from guys in the know on an amazing site/forum such as this, I believe I can do that.

    Thanks again for taking the time to listen to my track, it means alot. Hopefully hearing from you guys again on my next track...

    and DEFINATELY cant wait to hear the next tracks you guys put together :P

    :woohoo: MrMorphz :woohoo:

  • MrMorphz thanks user 'Feyra Bass' in the forum message ' MrMorphz - Robotechnika'.
    1 hour 19 minutes ago
  • MrMorphz thanks user 'Mr Fork' in the forum message ' MrMorphz - Robotechnika'.
    1 hour 19 minutes ago
  • SUBSET replied to the topic 'Cosmic Core Genre Album 2 ! " ?....From The Core"' in the forum.
    2 hours 6 minutes ago

    I like the two-track idea - I was considering suggesting it earlier. I have my original idea which I've found hard expanding into a complete track but which I could use as a shorter 3-min piece. Then a newer track I've started that could be the complete, full-length track.

  • Feyra Bass replied to the topic 'MrMorphz - Robotechnika' in the forum.
    2 hours 36 minutes ago

    Sounds good Morphz!
    I would suggest that you sidechain the bassline to your kick to let the kick come through better and to give it that "pumpy" feel we all know and love. And a breakdown mid-way where the bassline drops out for a bit and to let things build up again. Nice work.

  • Feyra Bass replied to the topic 'Tears of the Fallen' in the forum.
    2 hours 49 minutes ago

    Definitely hear the Mau5 influence. Good one! I'll keep it short by saying the two claps (4:55) were just a little loud.

  • Feyra Bass replied to the topic 'Tech House track' in the forum.
    2 hours 56 minutes ago

    Hey, thanks Mr Fork, Mr Morphz!
    I'll try to work on the bass a bit. (I might not have listened through my own cans) I sometimes find it difficult to find a happy medium there. As for the Electro sound I find myself lately listening to Tech House or Minimal (and a little Psy-Goa on the side), but my tracks don't really seem to really fit either perfectly. Hmm. I'm not going to worry about it until a label picks me up! :laugh: Right.

    And Fork, you using all your music time to run your music-funder! So many times I don't work on the music because it's already late or I'm distracted or the sun's not quite down..... Seriously. Glad to hear you're back at it. I'll drop you a line soon.

  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'How can I improve my production speed?' in the forum.
    3 hours 21 minutes ago

    Mr Fork wrote:

    I always feel like my arrangement is terrible so I keep changing things. Or all my pieces sound good together for the peak of the track but when I'm using those pieces separately in the arrangement there doesn't seem to be enough going on or they don't sound right. What do you do there?.

    You could do lots of things to fill out a track, essentially its down to the sounds you are using, and how rich they are and how well you place them in your mix, if they don't feel rich and deep maybe try layering them, give them movement via modulation and automation, offer variations in the actual melody or chord structure, experiment with your stereo delay, auto pan, try shifting a sound to the left or to the right....Each sound is like organizing an orchestra, give it its space and let it play to its full potential and it will shine.

    Also you could try using Effects, white noises, create deep ambient sounds and little blips and interesting textures maybe with percussion etc....or try playing with vocals etc.
    Also another good tip is to play your arrangement in ableton but this time when listening try minimizing your ableton window, i normally do this while just watching the itunes audio visualizer, you would be surprised at how this stimulates the mind into filling in the gaps sometimes when not actually watching the arrangement, its something that strangely helps me a lot when i hit a bit of a wall when producing a track.

  • Bl4cksun replied to the topic 'How can I improve my production speed?' in the forum.
    3 hours 59 minutes ago

    Not sure if you are working on a mac or PC?
    If on a mac, when you create a new preset, use the option to locate it in finder. Change the properties of the preset file and add all manner of tags, e.g PAD, sad, smooth, etc.
    Then when you are looking for a sound, use finder's tag search to locate it rather than the ableton one. You can then either use the filename that shows up to locate it in Ableton's search or drag it straight from the finder onto the track.
    In fact this can be used to tag everything not just presets, use it on you samples as well.

  • Bl4cksun thanks user 'Karl37' in the forum message ' How can I improve my production speed?'.
    4 hours 3 minutes ago
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