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  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'producer quality headphones' in the forum.
    1 hour 18 minutes ago

    Also there are multiple types of that model that have different ohm ratings. In case you weren't aware.

  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'producer quality headphones' in the forum.
    1 hour 19 minutes ago

    I had honestly never thought of bringing them out of my studio to use on a portable device. I'd be too worried about wrecking them accidentally. I'm afraid I can't really help you on that front. I know that you can buy an amplifier for mobile devices for situations such as this via amazon and many other places. They're typically very small but it IS an extra piece that you'd have to take with you. You may ultimately find that these may not be the right fit for what you want but as you're shopping keep in mind that there's usually a tradeoff no matter which way you go.

  • roosta replied to the topic 'Ableton Organization - List your preference' in the forum.
    1 hour 35 minutes ago

    Ok, I will start.

    Everything Ableton defaults to is on my C drive, including Ableton.
    On my D drive, I have a folder that contains all my samples.. no organization. Just search and listen when I am trying to compose.

  • SUBSET replied to the topic 'SUBSET - 'Sounds Of The Blue Planet' EP release' in the forum.
    2 hours 30 minutes ago

    Thanks! Seems it's available a lot of places I wasn't aware :)

  • Truthful created a new topic ' Something new done with Bitwig' in the forum.
    4 hours 49 minutes ago

    Hey lovely ppl

    Its been a while but here is something new.

    Tell me what you think :)

    I have done no mastering at all as its still work in progress and if I'm honest I'm not to sure if it's gonna be put it on general listen.

    Thank you for listening :)

  • Jemeneye thanks user 'Mr Fork' in the forum message ' producer quality headphones'.
    8 hours 7 minutes ago
  • Jemeneye replied to the topic 'producer quality headphones' in the forum.
    8 hours 7 minutes ago

    Thanks for the feedback Mr. Fork. I'm going to be using these predominantly for mixing. I only occasionally record myself singing although this may change as time goes on.

    I also hope to use these cans for general listening experience (i.e. iphone). I've learned through a youtube review that these cans supposedly... don't put out enough Ohms to be heard loudly on an iphone or other mobile playback device? Has this been an issue for you? On the sweetwater website it says 250 Ohms fyi...

  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'producer quality headphones' in the forum.
    9 hours 10 minutes ago

    Jemeneye wrote:

    Hey Mr. Fork. I'm seriously considering purchasing these cans. My only question is if they're applicable for recording vocals bc I notice that they're semi-open headphones. Is there any bleed over from the cans that can be picked up by your mic when tracking vocals? Please let me know when you can bc my current mixing pair just bit the dust... :sick:

    Hey Jemeneye. I wouldn't use the DT880s for tracking personally. Just for mixing. When you buy anything semi open like that you're going to get some bleed. You could maybe get by with it if you had the volume low enough and minimized the instrumentation being played through them. Either way though it's not something I'd recommend especially if the vocals are going to be on their own at any point as it will be easier to hear that bleed. Honestly though if you're looking at the 2 functions of mixing and tracking you need to answer which one you'll be doing more of. If you do an equal amount of both then you may want to have a set for tracking and a set for mixing. I find semi open headphones give me a more accurate representation of my mix. Since I spend most of my time mixing I bought a good pair of mixing cans and then a cheaper pair for tracking that had a good seal on them. I don't need to hear studio mix quality accuracy while I'm belting out vocals or playing parts in. I'm more focused on playing them in at the time so I'm not listening for things like "hey that cymbal needs to be pulled back". Although if you're that good that you can pay attention to all that at once then more power to you but for me I just need to hear enough that I can get the job done while recording.

    So again, to sum that up, I wouldn't use them for tracking. They're more for mixing. You may be able to get away with it but I'm not going to tell you they'll work for it as there are too many factors and the reality is that the sound CAN bleed through. Personally though, unless you have someone else doing your mixes for you, I'd say buy for mixing as that is going to require a better quality of headphone and then just get a recording set that's less expensive that has a decent seal on it. Everyone does things a little differently though so this is just my opinion. Hope that helps.

  • caris replied to the topic 'Ju Ju [Trip/hip-hop?]' in the forum.
    11 hours 1 minute ago

    Seems like a good base for a trip-hop track, however, it doesn't seem to "go" anywhere.... I like the beat and the ambient backgrounds, but it seems like it needs a nice lead or a vocal to take the track on a journey.

  • caris replied to the topic '64 bit max for live problems' in the forum.
    11 hours 6 minutes ago

    I probably should have mentioned that I'm on a 64-bit Mac. I've never had these sort of issues with any other software. I sent a support request and crash report to Ableton, but I'm not sure how long they will take to respond. I'm wondering if I should downgrade to 32-bit, but of course that requires reinstalling everything and may not even fix the issue. The crashes mainly happened when I tried to open the editor for M4L, but one crash happened when I just tried to drop a M4L patch onto a track with the infinite drum rack on it (ill.Gates) - it really seemed that M4L doesn't like that rack as I can consistently crash live by combining M4L patch with that rack.

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