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  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Clarity - Mr Fork - Trance' in the forum.
    3 hours 26 minutes ago


    I haven't uploaded any changes yet. I grabbed a reference track and adjusted quite a bit based on what I was hearing. Still working on it. After listening to it and comparing it to other tracks that are out there I agree with Jemeneye. Definitely lacking the deeper bass. Granted not all tracks have deep bass but this one would lend well to it.

    Replica dotted patterns are the deal. I've been using it since Christmas and loving it. I'm sure you could do it using ableton's devices by manually setting the delay time but seriously this is way easier. The reason I mentioned it no longer being available was that NI stated it was free until Christmas and then $49.99 after that. Now it's simply gone. Even the demo tracks and product info section are missing. All their other devices are there. I wonder if they're doing like they did with the supercharger GT and coming out with a better version of the delay to sell as an upgrade. Not sure but either way you can't buy it at the moment.

    As to the gated pad in the break it's the first time it's used in the track. It doesn't show up until the first bar of the break. Along with the saw pad. In fact nothing in that break was previously used in the track until the reintroduction of the bass and drums. So I'm right on par with what your stating attempting to keep it from sounding too repetitive. I did add a filter to the gated pad with lfo mod just to try it like you mentioned and it did give it more motion so thanks for that. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain. I feel like I'm right on the edge of really getting a few concepts. Each track gets me closer and all the comments you guys are giving me definitely help.

    Bl4cksun there IS something off with the sync on the bass layers. One of the basses actually has a different pattern. just slightly to give it more variation. I'll give the reverb a try. I've been wanting to try that out actually. Some mentioned doing reverb and then doing a high pass filter sweep on the master is a common trick. I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip.

  • Chelsei Kroma
    7 hours 16 minutes ago

    Hey Team!

    Popping in to say hello! Making sure everything is running smooth for you guys in pro-memberships, sign-ups and general inquiry. Feel free to drop me a line either here or at,, if you have any issues or see something wrong with the site, e.g., spam in a forum we've missed. Thank!
    -Cosm Admin Mistress-

  • Trik is friends with Chelsei Kroma
  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'Clarity - Mr Fork - Trance' in the forum.
    21 hours 41 minutes ago

    Hey Fork.

    Did you already adjust the mix a bit? i took a listen earlier and it sounded like you had worked on it. Maybe its just me listening with fresh ears today.
    Yeah Replika was a Christmas promotion for NI i don't think you can get it now but yeah im loving that delay especially the dotted 8's and 16's.

    As for the breaks in a track, to me a break is a way to change the energy or the feel of a track, to play with emotions and to gradually bring in something new. I think if you use something in your break that you used in the section before the break it can make the break feel a bit repetitive, if im going to use the same melody like your gated pad i will generally try to make it sound a bit different than it did before like using filters or delays etc and then after the break bring it back as it was originally so you kinda come full circle. Or you can adjust the melody or whatever it is all together. you can use the same midi pattern for subtle variations with different sounds so it feels like a build eventually.
    Of course this depends on the feel of the overall track your going for. :)

  • Bl4cksun replied to the topic 'Clarity - Mr Fork - Trance' in the forum.
    22 hours 8 minutes ago

    Ive only had a listen on my crappy pc ear phones, but this sounded spot on compared to commercial tracks to my ears.

    I did feel there was a timing issue with the layered bass somewhere between 40s and 1 30s but having listened a few times and read other peoples comments, maybe its a phasing issue.
    I loved the break down and the way it built back up, thought that worked really well, but it might have benefitted with a small silence (or just the reverb tail) after the spash at 3:25ish.. that would have given more impact to everything kicking back in without having to mess with the great interplay of melody, pads and sweep in the break. Same is true at 4:52... buts that just me, but give it a try and see what you think.
    cant wait to hear what you do with it now that you've picked out some weaknesses.
    sorry cant comment on the dull/brightness. sounds ok to my ears in the 0-8khz range ;)

  • Bl4cksun replied to the topic 'A Sine From Gob - Haze Beam' in the forum.
    22 hours 18 minutes ago

    mesmerising bass..and liked the little 8bit Gameboy type rift aswell...quite an ear worm

  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Clarity - Mr Fork - Trance' in the forum.
    23 hours 59 minutes ago

    Thanks Karl. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify.

    I think ultimately I just needed to spend more time mixing and getting everything sitting right. I went back to scratch on the mix and built it up starting with the bass. I'm thinking the bass balance is better and I did emphasize some highs. Ended up taking out one layer. There was a high layer bass in there too but it was being cancelled out partially by another bass layer and another instrument. After I did some EQ and panning work it popped through. Layering is cool and gets everything sounding big but it presents new problems including a greater chance of frequency and phase cancellation. So yes the mix has to be spot on. I'm hoping that as I progress here that I can get my mix to that point.

    Replika is an awesome delay. Completely agree. I've used that Diffusion mode to create some pretty cool textures. I have never purposely tried delay on bass. Same with reverb. I'll have to try it. Also interesting fact.....replika is no longer available from NI that I can tell. I just went out to their site to listen to the demo tracks again and it's gone. Interesting.

    I know what you mean about lack of sparkle. I have a tendency to mix too heavy on the highs in general and I've been trying to pull it back. Went too far I guess. I'll post the new one here either today or tomorrow. Hopefully I can convince you to listen to it again.

    So breaks are kinda this mystery thing to me. I understand what it's there for but it seems like consistently people are saying "you need more happening in your break". So in this break I have a gated pad, a super saw pad, the introduction of the lead line, the chord melody line, crashes, noise sweeps, claps, reintroduction of bass and drums and I believe a riser and the snare fill pattern. There are quite a few trance tracks I've heard that only have a single element in the break and then they reintroduce the bass or drums or both. So I'm trying to figure out what they're doing that I'm not. :unsure:

    Anyway it always seems like my break has just as many elements as my main sections before I have "enough" sounds. But then it doesn't seem like the energy gets pulled back far enough in the track before kicking into it again so it seems like I'm driving it hard the entire time. Maybe I just need to have bigger sounds and less of them? Not sure. I'll have to take a listen to some tracks too to see what they do. Thanks for the other suggestions. Ultimately I can always add more stuff but I'd like to get to the bottom of why I have more stuff going on than a number of the tracks I've heard and it still sounds like something is missing.

  • Renumeration created a new topic ' A Sine From Gob - Haze Beam' in the forum.

    really hit my stride with some vocoder bass
    thanks for listening!

  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Apple might have bought camelaudio' in the forum.

    Yeah I had seen the news a couple days ago. They talked about it on the latest sonic talk. I put the link below. Interesting move. I wonder if they're going to be implementing camel audio products as a proprietary piece of Logic now or if they're trying to get into the vst market. Either way I hope they keep the same dev team. They did some great work.

  • Bl4cksun created a new topic ' Apple might have bought camelaudio' in the forum.

    Camel audio mysteriously closed overnight but some people have been digging and it looks like tge company is now owned by apple.

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