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  • lucky one created a new topic ' LOL of the day' in the forum.
    5 hours 36 minutes ago

    Good Wunderground news, fits perfectly with our lives ;)


  • lucky one replied to the topic '42nd annual Poker Run' in the forum.
    5 hours 42 minutes ago

    Skulls everywhere!!!! :laugh:

  • Berni T replied to the topic 'Bang Bang Movie' in the forum.
    6 hours 42 minutes ago

    Have all the moderators fallen asleep? Wakey Wakey!

  • Carolberry created a new topic ' Bang Bang Movie' in the forum.
    8 hours 16 minutes ago

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  • Jemeneye replied to the topic 'Learning process - beginner question' in the forum.
    10 hours 58 minutes ago

    This may help too... and it's something that I'm just now realizing after about a 1.5 yr in ableton.

    Focus on completing tracks <---Can't stress this enough.

    The reasoning is your first 20 to 30 songs may be awful, but you'll learn so much through the process. I personally have only created 4 songs so far this year.... Very dissapointing because I feel like I need to learn more in so many areas, and If I don't learn more in these areas I can't produce a good song- this is how my logic went.... But I realized that this was keeping me from creating music.

    So long story short, work to complete your tracks! Do many and many and eventually you'll find your style and your groove!

  • TroGen replied to the topic 'Learning process - beginner question' in the forum.
    12 hours 7 minutes ago

    Hey, good question I've been using ableton for about 2 years now and for me it was over whelming how much there is involved in music production, I had no idea where to start or anything. But i can honestly say without videos like Tom's (Especially Tom's really) I wouldn't have stuck with it at all. If your completely new then you should starrt with the basics, learn how to use ableton (sadowickproductions on youtube has an extensive course on using ableton and all its devices all for free it's called ultimate ableton course or something, it's a playlist on his channel definitely recommend it) after that just dont worry about how it sounds or if your mix is shitty, everyone's mixes are shitty when they start out but if you persevere and do as much as you can (or want to) you will learn all you need to know through videos and articles and just generally playing around in Ableton. Just remember it will take time to progress and it might feel like you're progressing really slowly, but progress is progress just keep at it.
    Hope I helped in some way :) Have fun!! :cheer:

  • dozz created a new topic ' Learning process - beginner question' in the forum.
    16 hours 20 minutes ago

    Hi ppl.,

    I need your advice :)
    Im into this active side of EDM almost 4 months now "thanks" to ipad app Launchpad. 3 months ago, bought push and now i just bought live 9 suite thanks to discount ableton offered last month.

    So you could say im serious about this, but my music knowledge is limited. I have some background from my childhood when i learned to play accordion and then synthesizer for a limited time and from that time i remeber counting (1,2,3,4,,2,2,3,4...), and some notes c,d.e.. and the rest is gone.
    Now im trying to start somwhere, i watched bunch of you tube videos. But with that you catch something here, something there and obviusly missing the whole point and i could continue like that for years and have bunch of unfinished stuff which is probably mixed very bad with bad kick.

    From my limited knowledge i think i must work more on understanding of kick in EDM. Every "default" library kick i use sounds bad at the end, so my question is ,, whats better for learning process should i take quantize video course "kick sound design" first, and do i really need it since im beginner or should i go first for toms membership and guides ?

    thx in advance

  • RiverGoblin replied to the topic 'I'm utterly through with Ableton' in the forum.
    16 hours 33 minutes ago

    Ah so you are not utterly through with ableton, since you still will use it to make your samples, if you did get an octatrack. Basicly mate, if you want the octatrack, get it. However if you are letting money play a role in your decision making, read the octrack manual, decide what functions you would use then......
    Ableton -session view - 8 channels- sampler on each channel- a bit of time spent programing macros- throw in a few FX retums- APC40/Push = amazing octatrack emulation. dont look at the laptop. Just sayin.

  • Syikom replied to the topic 'I'm utterly through with Ableton' in the forum.
    23 hours 50 minutes ago

    Thats a bit like a builder saying i utterly through with hammers because they have a nail gun...hammers are still useful.Why don't you just intergrate your new hardware
    into your setup.
    Cheers bro :)

  • Berni T created a new topic ' 42nd annual Poker Run' in the forum.

    Short vid I made of some of the bikes that rolled into town this weekend for the 42nd annual Poker Run.

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