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  • LCC created a new topic ' Automation question*' in the forum.
    2 hours 45 minutes ago

    Hey all,

    Been having a little bit of a problem with editing some automation in the arrangement view, any help much appreciated :unsure:

    So - In the below image, the 4 small consolidated clips at the start of the Drum rack track are what I want to work with. When I delete the first two of the other three remaining sections, the automation remains the same, but once I delete the final part, it completely changes. Where am I going wrong here? Apologies, there's probably something fundamental I'm misunderstanding here.....only getting used to the arrangement screen recently :silly:


  • PaulOord created a new topic ' Ableton and IAC Driver' in the forum.
    5 hours 40 minutes ago

    New here but I'm using Ableton Live on my iMac for a while.
    I'm writing a java-application that translates motiondetection from a webcam into midi messages. These can be routed via the IAC Driver, MIDIPatchbay or MIDIPipe to Ableton Live, Logic, external keyboard or whatever. So you can wave with your hands or blink an eye to generate music. This works fine but only Ableton Live stops playing the midi after ca. one day after a computer restart. It receives the massages (little green square is blinking) but no sound. If my program sends the messages to a usb midi interface and I connect the output to an input, Ableton works fine, so the messages are formatted correctly.
    I searched the internet and I saw a few postings describing the same problem, but no solutions, only suggestions about passing the midi time-code.
    Is this (still) an Ableton problem (the postings where already some years old), or am I the only one that encounters this problem?
    So if anyone can help...?

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  • widdi
    16 hours 46 minutes ago…

  • widdi
    16 hours 47 minutes ago…

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    Cosmic Core - General Group
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The Tom Cosm & Jbam Kickstarter Sample Pack is a collection of carefully crafted high quality samples to help kick start your path to becoming a producer.

Whether you’re just starting to writing music on computers, or need a boost to fill out your current collection, we give you 2,975 “bread and butter” sounds to get you on your way.

The pack was created and compiled by Ableton certified trainer Tom Cosm, and hardware mastermind Jbam, with the vision of offering a comprehensive yet extremely affordable set of samples to give you the foundations you need to start producing straight away.


Pro Toolkit Now Available For Download

The Pro Toolkit is a collection of 19 tools that hack the way Ableton Live works.


Armed Track Parameter Gate - Free Max For Live Utility

This device allows you to control several parameters with a single knob, but only changing the parameters on the current armed track.

An example of how this would be used :  Having the same effect on several tracks, with a knob controlling the same parameter for each effect, but only having the effect on the arm track being modified, allowing you to quickly switch where the knob is being sent.

For a more detailed explanation please watch the following video.


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Cosm Audio - Massive Live Set Recording Archive

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary of performing live electronic music, I have uploaded my personal archive of live set recordings dating back to 2004.

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This is all for free, and you can go and check it now at the official website -


Serum Synth Bass Presets

I've been having a great lot of fun with this new Serum VST synthesizer, so much so I've decided to upload the first 10 bass patches I made for Pro Members. Click here to download


Why Producing In-The-Box May Be Holding You Back

Being able to make a fully-fledged song on nothing more than a consumer laptop and a decent pair of headphones is a truly amazing representation of how technology has progressed over the last two decades.

It’s cheaper, faster, and easier. The immense joy of musical creation is no longer a luxury reserved for those with money. Instead, it’s readily available for any person willing to dedicate the time and patience.

But this advancement and opportunity comes with a few caveats, one of which is that the music creation process in the eyes of a bedroom producer has been flipped upside down, chopped-up, and compressed into one holistic task.

Is this a bad thing? No. Not at first look, at least. Every producer has a different workflow, and in my opinion, anyone who stays in the game long enough climbs out of the ruts and moves past difficulties in that area. 

Despite this, there is a problem that many developing bedroom producers encounter. The problem of frustration: not being able to finish tracks, taking too long to finish them, or trying to grasp at the enjoyment that you once felt when creating music. This sense of frustration generally has more than one cause, and this article probably won’t fix it, but it may help some of you. 


Quick Chain Select - New Free Utility

This utility allows you to specify 16 individual points on the chain selector, allowing you to jump to that point with a single push of a MIDI assignable button.

There is also a previous/next button to move forward or back through your points.

You can also enter text for each preset, which will be displayed in a popup window so you always know which point is selected.


Two New Track Project Files Available

I've uploaded the entire Ableton Live project files for my two latest tunes, Chelsei's Sea Shells and Mind Gobbies. Here are video runthroughs of each of the two tunes.


Introducing Seepage - Additive Synthesizer

Today I am releasing the beta version of Seepage, an additive style synthersizer/Max for Live patch that gives you control over the behaviour of individual harmonics.

It's available right now for Pro Members to download, play and give feedback on how the future versions should be made.