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  • Fatass Bully replied to the topic 'Glass Basement Blues (Preston's Theme)' in the forum.
    2 hours 10 minutes ago

    Hey, nice track! I enjoyed it.
    I have one mixing notice though - to my taste drums sound muddy, maybe not the kick, but definetely the snare sound. It has this strange characteristic, which is hard to describe, but the most close would be that it sounds very filtered OR with some sort of phase issues (I doubt that though, considering you picked sample from the Reason library, but I saw you used the Stereo Imager and it could add some phasing stuff). And your hihats are barely hearable, all in all add more Highend to pretty much everything.
    Other than these mixing nit-picks I think its an entertaining track to listen to.

  • Limoxuan replied to the topic 'Being an electronic music producer' in the forum.
    3 hours 30 minutes ago

    When we are driven by negative energies we can distort the meanings to our actions and the action potentials resonate on the level that negates potential. We must transform the form of our thoughts to be able to manifest the frequencies that we feel inside and the need to control the controller and manifest is granted to each and every one of us as Creators of sound we can find a way to harness our creative thought to be able to manifest form and propagate the waves that ebb and flow like the tide and we can formulate the precedents for sound design as the inner calling that compels us to tinker with sound it is that initial step that is our stepping point to be able to construct a masterpiece of sound and mix layers of lush sonic bliss that can be sensed by the ears of the cosmos.

    We are governing this though that there is no lack and there is no need but the freedom to use our hands and fingers to control the machine and navigate our frames in space out of the darkness to find the empowering light that guides us to new heights and new dream visions in sound.

  • Bl4cksun replied to the topic 'K37 - Via Vobis' in the forum.
    5 hours 17 minutes ago

    Your most epic yet. Loved the progression change at around 6:00 really gave the tune another gear to end on.
    That definitely wouldn't sound out of place in a movie or game
    Think you should get the wife to help more often.

    Do you use a string ensemble or build your stings up with violin sections, violas, cello, bass etc?
    Orchestral drums is something I just can't get right, but yours are spot on.

  • Karl37 created a new topic ' K37 - Via Vobis' in the forum.
    7 hours 14 minutes ago

    Hi guys.

    Just wanted to share my latest track, i'm happy with how this one turned out, i'm still learning how to get these big tracks to sit well in terms of the mixing and use of reverb (common problem with me)
    I know this one ain't perfect either, but i did learn quite a bit from this production.

    Also id like to mention that while producing this my wife could hear what i was doing, now she does not normally poke her head round the door while i'm producing but in this instance she did, she then sat there with me for 5 hours producing this thing giving me a shit load of ideas on things that would sound good and that didn't sound good, she really enjoyed it too and it was actually really nice getting another ear and viewpoint during a production...anyway sorry for rambling on, enjoy the track lol :laugh:

    K37 - Via Vorbis

  • ekengrenben replied to the topic 'Are you new? Introduce yourself here!' in the forum.

    Ben Ekengren kc,mo,usa ...producing into second year and feel i have no to try different ideas to learn and play always pushing and changing genre style etc.. ..Mainly use ableton ... tom is god!!..huge inspiration from tom and really value his work.

    Masan Thanks guys! I appreciate it!
    1 year ago 2
  • Limoxuan replied to the topic 'where and how to improve (been producing 8 months)' in the forum.

    Holocron you can produce sound at the speed of light and the speed will not influence the depth or the quality of your tune. Maybe the focus on becoming a more adequate producer is about produce a polished track within an hour and mastering the polished track in another hour and then being "finished" and have something to upload that is of high quality and has been properly mastered and that is all fine and dandy but the speed is not the absolute focus in the project it is the conception that is the focus and that primary directive is navigating the internal frequencies of the sound and gaining a sense of independence with those frequencies in that there is no seperation from the frequency and the self in the sense that there is a oneness with the desired frequency and its continuity. Nihilus and Dr. Bishop both resonate on a level that is desirable for the need for sound and its healing properties.

  • Scheimann uploaded a new avatar.
  • Scheimann created a new topic ' Glass Basement Blues (Preston's Theme)' in the forum.


    First time poster to this area :)
    I want to share a track I've made:

    I'm interested in making production music, 1-2min instrumental tracks that have minimal arrangement. You can read more about how I designed the instruments and sounds here:

    What do you think? Any thoughts on how the track be improved?


  • sKulpture created a new topic ' Help/Feedback on mixing and mastering.' in the forum.

    wuddup peeps!

    Looking for some Feedback and help with my tracks.

    I can never seem to get a consistent final mix. Another thing is random volume increases and decreases in sounds, is this due to over compression?

    Any way if you could have a listen to my tracks and lemmie know what ya think, that'd be awesome. Thanks.

  • loganblumenberg created a new topic ' Song Structure' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Love your tutorials Tom! You come up with great stuff and it gets me thinking in a different way. Plus you're funny as shit to listen too.

    One request on a video tutorial tho. Song Structure... I can create sounds/melodies/chord progressions/etc.etc. but for some reason when its all said and done I have trouble placing all the elements together and having it sound like a fluid song.

    I almost have trouble taking things away because I've become so attached to a certain sound or rift. haha

    anyway... CHEERS!

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