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  • caris created a new topic ' Max 4 Live Reference?' in the forum.
    23 minutes ago

    Do any really good Max 4 Live references exist? I'm a decent programmer, and I've dabbled with M4L, written some basic apps discovered I can us JS in M4L, which is sweet, but I haven't developed a good reference website or book yet for it that I can go to when I need to remember how to say: access a pad in a drum rack, or access a parameter in the instrument contained within, etc. If you have any recommendations that work, or even that you think might work, please let me know.

    Caris :-)

  • LesureSuitLarry created a new topic ' Using DJ Megaset 2.0 in Arrangement view' in the forum.
    13 hours 31 minutes ago

    Hey guys,

    I apologies if this has been covered / asked before, but the lack of any search functionality in the forums means I was not able to discover a solution, so thought I'd ask.

    I'm an Ableton feldgeling, having gone as far as basic mixing of tracks using the EQ3 parameters in arrangement view.

    As it were, I love what the DJ Megaset 2.0 allows me to do. However, I have no idea how to translate that to Arrangement view.

    If I wanted to use the Megaset in Arrangement view, so that I could create automation lanes using the parameters of the DJ megaset (and I mean setting lanes so they're gradual transitions, as opposed to us 'on' and 'off'), how would I go about doing that?

    Thanks in advance. Much love.


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  • Menzius thanks user 'vk_' in the forum message ' 808'.
    23 hours 7 minutes ago
  • AlexChicago thanks user 'Skepsis' in the forum message ' 16 Free beats by me ranging from dnb/dubstep/house'.
    23 hours 21 minutes ago
  • AlexChicago replied to the topic '16 Free beats by me ranging from dnb/dubstep/house' in the forum.
    23 hours 28 minutes ago

    I love the third piece in a row which you posted on the soundcloud link. I like it because of my personal preference for the upbeat and the non-melancholy.

    I am so new here, I don't even know my head from my tail yet, but I wanna say, I can so totally see myself using some of your beats when I get to making something.

    I wrote five pieces in one night using Studio One, after I saw a tutorial on how to use it, and it was on a night when the going was good and smooth. But I couldn't get them out of there for nothing, so I got nothing to show for my efforts. And they wouldn't even give me any help because I did it in the free version of Studio One --The darned bastitches! When I wrote them to tell them that I am teed off for that treatment and therefore I won't buy t heir paid-for software, they sent me back an automatic reply in the spirit of, "So solly. We no leply to bastitches using oul flee velsion. Go to rell!". Ha! So, I'll show them. I'll just do my chit in Ableton. Ha ha! (But I got to learn Ableton. And that takes money too. Suck is life.)


  • AlexChicago thanks user 'Feyra Bass' in the forum message ' Tech House track'.
    23 hours 58 minutes ago
  • AlexChicago replied to the topic 'Tech House track' in the forum.
    23 hours 58 minutes ago

    I can just picture the waitresses at the joint bouncing their bits more as they unconsciously and inevitably step into this! Me like. :)

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