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  • Adaia Project uploaded a new avatar.
  • lucky one replied to the topic 'Live instrumental Hip Hop' in the forum.
    9 hours 42 minutes ago

    Cool man, I like the atmosphere and it sounds quite good for a live band.
    What kind of setup do you have, and how many musicians?

    I am just starting a band, so I'm interested to learn about how you are integrating Ableton Live in your setup, if you do so.


    lucky one - AtmosphericElectroRock - Facebook - SoundCloud - Spotify

  • lucky one created a new topic ' luc ky one - Timewarp Taxi' in the forum.
    9 hours 49 minutes ago

    Hi all,

    I have just published a new track, I'm especially happy about this one, it has 4 different parts with 4 different atmospheres.
    This track has evolved with a video project. The story of a taxi travelling through space and time has crystallized from the video pictures and the music.
    Now everything is making a whole, the music, the lyrics and the video. The video will be projected at a local short-movie festival this Sunday, so I will upload it only next week.

    Tell me what you think!


    lucky one - AtmosphericElectroRock - Facebook - SoundCloud - Spotify

  • lucky one thanks user 'Mr Fork' in the forum message ' Awesome free delay by NI'.
    10 hours 6 minutes ago
  • Karl37 thanks user 'Mr Fork' in the forum message ' Awesome free delay by NI'.
  • Mr Fork created a new topic ' Awesome free delay by NI' in the forum.

    NI once again has their Christmas present to the world out for free. If you grab it before the end of the year it's free. They also have a $25 voucher and some traktor packs waiting for people as well. This year the free device is a delay called Replika. Three different models of delay units built in along with modulation options and such. Check it out. If they do what they did last year they will bring out a more advanced version that will be paid but will give you more options and controls but the base units have been great on their own. I ended up picking up their supercharger GT upgrade just because of the different saturation options. Sounded awesome. So far I'm liking the delay. Check it out. Get it before the end of the year and it's free.

  • Feyra Bass replied to the topic 'I am interested in what you think: creating music' in the forum.

    One of my favorite "rules" of making music is: if it sounds right, it is right! Makes sense.

    There's plenty of music that doesn't follow the 8-bar loop rule or the everything multiplied by 2 rule.
    Go with the feel and you'll be OK. Look forward to hearing some of your music!

  • SUBSET created a new topic ' Live instrumetal Hip Hop' in the forum.

    Some live, instrumental hip hop our band has been jamming on lately. Sure there are mistakes here and there, it's live and improvised!!

  • odd sequence uploaded a new Profile cover

    2 days ago

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