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  • Berni T replied to the topic '40% off Fabfilter' in the forum.
    Got to agree with Karl & Forky on this one. Although the stock FX/instruments are all good in Live there is nothing wrong with expanding your musical palette with 3rd party plug-in's/instruments/hardware. There's sooooo much good stuff out there that you would be a fool not too if you ask me. Hey I can't even limit myself to one DAW! They all have there strengths & weakness's.
    Pretty much any successful musician/producer has a vast array of gear, each piece chosen for it's particular quality, whether it's a synth, a guitar, a mastering limiter etc.....that & they have to much cash to blow on new gear ;)
    1 hours 56 minutes ago
  • halfr3d thanks user 'brenno9' in the forum message ' New track feat Master minded -Masters of gratitude'.
    2 hours 34 minutes ago
  • Removed
    5 hours 14 minutes ago
  • brenno9 replied to the topic 'New track feat Master minded -Masters of gratitude' in the forum.
    I just listened and I have to be honest I was blown away. You are really good. This is fresh and top quality. Thank you for sharing
    8 hours 46 minutes ago
  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Put your music on iTunes, Spotify... I just did it' in the forum.
    Karl I had a question on AMAdea and thought maybe you would know. I saw that on one of their pages they have a 30 dollar "Pay Point (minimum)". Does that mean that you have to at least make 30 in a particular period or they keep 100%?
    10 hours 12 minutes ago
  • Mr Fork replied to the topic '40% off Fabfilter' in the forum.
    Yeah it's what Karl said. Ableton has some great stock effects that do a great job. I still use mostly ableton effects but there are some things that I find other programs end up with a more desired result. As you are probably aware the way that these vsts process the audio is all done by code so YES it is all in the algorithms, features, etc. For instance if you take EQ8 and throw a high shelf boost on a shaker to give it some extra strength up there to make it sparkle a bit and put that next to a track with the same settings but using Alloy 2's Baxandall High Shelf filter you will notice the different. What it all comes down to is different flavors and the desired result. If you were a programmer who knew EXACTLY what that Alloy filter was doing and abletons effects were sufficient to give you those results then I would say the only difference would be in the fact that you didn't have to set up alloy to achieve the same result. Due to proprietary algorithms and such though there are many different "flavors" of different instruments and effects out there that handle things differently, give you features others don't have, sound different, and make the workflow easier. Having some additional plugins gives you some extra options. Some compressors sound better on vocals than other. Some reverbs sound better for certain things. Etc.

    Sometimes it's not just about sound it's about ease of use. For instance Karls example of the Saturn effect. I think you can separate up to 6 bands on that. I agree with him that the sound is amazing but beyond that think about what you'd have to do to set up a 6 band saturator. Drop a saturator in each one of those chains. Now what if you only want 5 bands instead of 6 because you don't like the way the one sounds on the mix. Or say you want to drop from 6 down to 3 bands or 2. Yes you can have all these set up in advance but no matter how you cut it that's going to take extra time. With Saturn you can just add or remove bands with a click. Moving bands around is a snap. And so on.

    So anyway yeah.....sound...ease of use......form factor............lots of good reasons to get some extra options. And again I'm not saying abletons effects sound bad. It's just a different tool in your toolbox that may or may not work for a sound. Of course I recommend not going overboard. Too many options can be just as bad as too few. Sometimes worse. But think of it like this.... You won't find many woodworkers who will use a single hammer or chisel or saw for every single project. They have different tools for hitting something hard than they do for really finessing something. Different saws for different cuts. Etc. Anyway. hope that helps.
    10 hours 17 minutes ago
  • halfr3d created a new topic ' New track feat Master minded -Masters of gratitude' in the forum.
    i have just posted a track i wrote with master minded,,, a mindblowing 5 minutes journey
    i'm happy to share this with the community of abletoneers cause i'm really happy with how it came out
    i would like to know your opinions and suggestions on that...
    12 hours 19 minutes ago
  • Karl37 replied to the topic '40% off Fabfilter' in the forum.
    Jemeneye wrote:
    I have live 9 suite and I use all native effects. I have a good grip on ableton's EQ, compressors, and FX. Why would I want to use 3rd party plugs? I write this with sincerity and I don't intend for this to come across the wrong way...

    I guess my question is: If you have access to all of lives instruments and FX, and you understand how to use them to get the desired results, why would you feel the need to purchase 3rd party plugins? Is this bc Ableton Live's tools are good for getting the job done, but they're slightly inferior to 3rd party plugs such as Fabfilter, Izotope etc?

    To me they just simply sound better all round, i feel they are more inspiring to use and Fab-filters Saturn is the best analog distortion i think I've heard and the band splitting is just so easy to use and also the limiter for me just sounds so much better. I cant really explain why...maybe its just an algorithm thing and how they are displayed, even the timeless delay is just so lush.
    I have been using Abletons native stuff since using ableton Live 7, when i first bought ableton live 9 i started to use all the native effects for that too, they sounded better than Live 8, especially the EO and Glue compressor, even the spectrum display on the EQ8 and the visual display on the normal compressor was such a big change, and you could hear the difference the EQ was doing compared to Live 8.
    But then i purchased Fabfilters stuff after loving the Saturn, don't rate abletons saturation to much, i don't know why i just don't like the sound of it, so i got the Saturn and it was just a world of difference for me as with all of fabfilters other effects.

    I think if you have the money and can afford it then get them, but if you don't have the cash then you can make do with abletons native stuff for sure as it does sound good....i just feel fabfilter sounds better lol, maybe its just down to personal preference.

    As for izotope, i used to use this alot, though never really mastered it to be fair, i have since stopped using it as i prefer to mix my master using the fabfilter stuff as to me it just sounds better, cleaner. I guess I've just learned to appreciate the fabfilter stuff as unknowingly over time they have become my go-to tools.

    Sorry i could not give you an official reason as to why i think they are better than the ableton native stuff....its just fine quality's that amount to a lot in the end for me.
    13 hours 47 minutes ago
  • spencec6 created a new topic ' How to make this sound?' in the forum.
    I know this will be pretty simple compared to most of the requests here, but I am beginner, and would love some guidance! The bass is what I'm trying to recreate, starting at about 1:00

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! :)
    15 hours 58 minutes ago
  • Rhythmode shared a production session.
    Rhythmic Modulators - Sonic Ritual

    Artist: Rhythmic modulators Title: Sonic Ritual Year: 2014 Style: Psychedelic Trance

    16 hours 30 minutes ago
    Rhythmode my first productions in ableton
    16 hours 16 minutes ago
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