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  • Masan created a new topic ' chill upbeat' in the forum.
    14 hours 20 minutes ago

    Hey guys! i haven't been in the forum for awhile, but i still have been practicing with ableton and made a couple of new beats. here is one of my favorite beats that i have made and feel free to give any input and also check out my soundcloud if you like. Thanks guys!

  • Masan uploaded a new Profile cover

    14 hours 33 minutes ago

  • lucky one created a new topic ' Mandolin, Guitar and Moog' in the forum.
    15 hours 15 minutes ago

    Hi all,

    After a 6 month break, I am now full speed on production again.
    I have at least 4 tracks in the pipe, and have just finalized a first one.

    This one is quite warm and sweet, with guitars, a mandolin and my beloved Moog synth.
    Also, I wrote the lyrics inspired by the Cosmic Core online community experience, and asked kimmypops to record her marvelous English voice for me, love it!

    Tell me what you think! The track is free download, so spread the word! :)

    For the mandolin sound I use an Ableton instrument offered by AfroDJMac.
    Check his webside, he has tens of free ableton devices to download!


    lucky one - AtmosphericElectroRock - Facebook - SoundCloud - Spotify

  • smpickett uploaded a new Profile cover

    18 hours 7 minutes ago

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    18 hours 8 minutes ago

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    18 hours 9 minutes ago

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    18 hours 35 minutes ago

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    18 hours 36 minutes ago

  • SUBSET replied to the topic 'Cosmic Core Genre Album 2 ! " ?....From The Core"' in the forum.

    Over to you DB to get everyone moving! Last I looked we had only about 10 tracks. It would be good to get this out this year before xmas :)

  • IvanChocron created a new topic ' Can't listen to MIDI when creating a sound' in the forum.

    Hi community!
    Something weird is happening. When I create a sound on the operator and I use either my computer keyboard or my MIDI piano to input some notes, I can listen to them perfectly. Then I keep working on the song, I try to create a new sound and I can't hear it anymore. However if I put a MIDI note on the piano roll, I can actually hear it, and also I hear it on the playback.
    Yes, I do have the little keyboard button on. The weird thing is that I could listen to the sound at first, but at some point after working on the song I couldn't anymore, as if I would have pressed CTRL + KEY that deactivates it or something. Deleting the track and creating a new operator doesn't work either. The headphone button is also on.
    Any ideas?

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