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  • Feyra Bass replied to the topic 'What are your tricks to find gigs in your town?' in the forum.
    2 hours 23 minutes ago

    Pester people and the power of positive thinking - great tips! I mean it too.
    I'm having a time of it too. Some of my first gigs were at art gallery openings. Artists! One guy asked for blues. I had to tell him to just play a CD. Sorry but I have limits. And they were 3 hr gigs!
    One time I showed up and I had to turn it down because there was a f**ing art class going on too! Thanks for the heads up people. I got everyone dancing as soon as people got bored with her. Ha! Plus, I have to play music I LIKE. Hands up Techno? Please shoot me. That's not Techno you fools! Whatever.

    I'm sure you've seen this but if not - there's a cool series by Phil at Digital DJ Tips I really like. All kinds of topics.
    I couldn't find my favorite one but here's a link to one of them. Thanks for the tips Damon and Luc.

  • Feyra Bass replied to the topic 'Berni - Dark & Deep' in the forum.
    3 hours 34 minutes ago

    Yes, thanks for the mixes man!
    I went back and played some of your earlier too. I'm working on my Dj skills myself. There's more to it than I had thought. But damn it's great when everyone is dancing!

  • Feyra Bass created a new topic ' New Tech House track' in the forum.
    3 hours 39 minutes ago

    I finally put together something I actually like. I went back though some things I had started but never finished. I know I know......

    Enjoy, and please comment if you like!

  • Feyra Bass replied to the topic 'Somewhat interesting track' in the forum.
    3 hours 48 minutes ago

    Yep, I did the same thing.
    I would get busy and it would get late and I would think, "Hey, I'll check in tomorrow". I checked out to but I mean to stay back now.
    Part of it was my frustration with my own production. I couldn't come up with anything I thought was good and wouldn't finish anything that sounded half-assed.
    But I'm posting something today! Whee!

    But back to you, I liked your quiet, odd tracks. especially the first - glitchy and ambient at the same time.
    Glad you're back man!

  • Feyra Bass replied to the topic 'Holocron Psychedelic Trance -new producer/feedback' in the forum.
    4 hours 22 minutes ago

    Crazy track!
    There's a lot going on but I could hear everything. Good use of panning!
    Sounded really good to my ears. The breakdowns were short and still had a lot of energy but that's not really a bad thing in Psy Trance. I produce and listen to mostly Tech House these days where you need a specific breakdown.

    Very energetic! Great work Holocron.

  • Karl37 created a new topic ' K37 - MecH (Cinematic Trailer)' in the forum.
    10 hours 57 minutes ago

    Hey guys another from me ( work sick so plenty of time to make music) :P

    This is a short piece i wrote, This track came about while i was doing some sound design.
    I know its not perfect but i feel like my sound is heading where i want it to go finally.

    Thanks for listening.

    K37 - MecH

  • mindbodymedicinemusic created a new topic ' VST XFer Serum Synth Patches collaboration' in the forum.
    16 hours 58 minutes ago

    Looking to start a collaboration to swap Serum Vst synth patches! This will be ongoing if anyone wants to join, I already have some great ambient, psychedelic sounds :P

  • mindbodymedicinemusic created a new topic ' Serum VST. Let's get down to the nitty gritty' in the forum.
    17 hours 8 minutes ago

    Hi team Cosm,
    I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the new VST Serum by Xfer records. It is indubitably one of the most complex, yet easily navigable Wav synthesizer plug-ins I have ever come across. You can actually customize the wav file by individually changing each frame. It is mindblowing. The only quarrel I have with it is its propensity to siphen CPU power, yet I have found a few ways around that. (Not to mention it has forced me to do some Live spring cleaning) I was wondering if any of you had any good tips with regards to serum, or if we could open a general chat and potentially form some network collaboration and synth swapping. Any takers? Let me know :woohoo:

  • Karl37 thanks user 'Bl4cksun' in the forum message ' K37 - To The End (Cinematic)'.
    19 hours 3 minutes ago
  • Tom Cosm
    22 hours 12 minutes ago

    Help me finish this tune tonight! 9pm AEST - tune in at…

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The Pro Toolkit is a collection of 19 tools that hack the way Ableton Live works.


Armed Track Parameter Gate - Free Max For Live Utility

This device allows you to control several parameters with a single knob, but only changing the parameters on the current armed track.

An example of how this would be used :  Having the same effect on several tracks, with a knob controlling the same parameter for each effect, but only having the effect on the arm track being modified, allowing you to quickly switch where the knob is being sent.

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Why Producing In-The-Box May Be Holding You Back

Being able to make a fully-fledged song on nothing more than a consumer laptop and a decent pair of headphones is a truly amazing representation of how technology has progressed over the last two decades.

It’s cheaper, faster, and easier. The immense joy of musical creation is no longer a luxury reserved for those with money. Instead, it’s readily available for any person willing to dedicate the time and patience.

But this advancement and opportunity comes with a few caveats, one of which is that the music creation process in the eyes of a bedroom producer has been flipped upside down, chopped-up, and compressed into one holistic task.

Is this a bad thing? No. Not at first look, at least. Every producer has a different workflow, and in my opinion, anyone who stays in the game long enough climbs out of the ruts and moves past difficulties in that area. 

Despite this, there is a problem that many developing bedroom producers encounter. The problem of frustration: not being able to finish tracks, taking too long to finish them, or trying to grasp at the enjoyment that you once felt when creating music. This sense of frustration generally has more than one cause, and this article probably won’t fix it, but it may help some of you. 


Quick Chain Select - New Free Utility

This utility allows you to specify 16 individual points on the chain selector, allowing you to jump to that point with a single push of a MIDI assignable button.

There is also a previous/next button to move forward or back through your points.

You can also enter text for each preset, which will be displayed in a popup window so you always know which point is selected.


Two New Track Project Files Available

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It's available right now for Pro Members to download, play and give feedback on how the future versions should be made.


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