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  • RiverGoblin replied to the topic 'I'm utterly through with Ableton' in the forum.
    12 minutes ago

    So to the OP, have you got anywhere with this? Acquired any stand alone sequencers, synths and samplers? I had gear lust for the Elektron stuff when I saw it. But for me, I cant afford the outlay. I already have a sweet set up of DAWs and controllers, so I can already make the music I want to make. Yes screens and computers can be distracting, but they dont need to be.

    I actually got myself a budget stand alone set up, or poor mans Elektron rig if you like. Korg monotribe, Korg volca beats, Korg volca keys. A 4 channel mixer and I borrow FX pedals from my guitar stuff. Its loads of fun!

  • halfr3d thanks user 'zeb' in the forum message ' Organik neuro Dnb WIP-welcome suggestions!'.
    1 hours ago
  • halfr3d replied to the topic 'Organik neuro Dnb WIP-welcome suggestions!' in the forum.
    1 hour 5 minutes ago

    Thanks bro..nice advise! i'll take into consideration!

  • dopeGee replied to the topic 'I'm utterly through with Ableton' in the forum.
    5 hours 1 minute ago

    Berni T wrote:

    Well pattern based samplers/sequencer's have been around for a long, looooong time. The Akai MPC range being the most popular back in the day but nobody uses those anymore, it's all about NI's Maschine nowadays which I personally love. I'm pretty sure these instruments you speak of don't come close to being "Ableton in a box" (kinda impossible really giving there physical limitations) & if you can't make any music with Live then maybe music is not for you. Buying an expensive box with retro technology isn't going to make you any more musical :ohmy:

    Lol Bernie I wouldnt say the MPC is dead bro.. still a ton of beatmakers using them as their one stop shop, maybe not in your scene but MPC production is alive and well where I dabble and even those that do move on to DAWs still use a MPC type workflow AND usually keep the MPC unit for jams anyway. Also saying "if you cant make any music with Live then music is not for you" is a bit unfair haha pretty sure SandvichDISH! was merely interested in a different workflow, like he states its more about ENJOYING making music in live and not

    SandvichDISH! I would definitely track somebody down who owns an Octatrack and see if you can have a whirl. Or just roll into a store and start playing with synth/sampler/sequencer combos to find something that feels organic and fun, like you say ableton will always be there for sound design and you can slowly add to your hardware setup! Good luck, like the others say do let us know how you get on!

  • dopeGee replied to the topic 'How can I improve my production speed?' in the forum.
    5 hours 19 minutes ago

    In regards to the sample library thing I had a nightmarish experience of collecting different sample packs and trying to organise them all into one big library, it took forever but it has paid off in time spent searching. Instead of getting to granular I used a loose folder structure and decided to actually end each file with an abbreviation of what it is.

    Eg; Vocals become .VOC, effects FX, kicks KIK


    The folder structure links back to these groups loosely but sample packs that contain a whole range of sounds dont need to be split individually into these folders they can just live in a "pack" folder. So it suits both browsing for something I dont know I am looking for - thats probably 90% of the time tbh :P , but its great for when I know i need a vocal and want to search all my sample packs & my vocal folder AND my disk for any random bits lying around (i have all samples running off an external drive so lots of odds and ends on the machine itself). Sure its a little bit of a hassle renmaing each new pack that comes in but I dont add many new packs these days as I have a ton already, i was able to add the suffix to everything quickly once i got into a bit of a flow.

    Any other organisational tips/tricks would be great to hear! :silly:

  • dopeGee created a new topic ' Radio Deep Freeze on BASEfm NZ' in the forum.
    5 hours 35 minutes ago

    Our show runs 6-8pm NZT each sunday (thats 6-8am Saturday GMT) and we play a bit of everything. The show is full of crap banter and laughs and we try to encompass a wide range of flavours and as such we need your help!

    We play all vibes and love supporting producers from unknown, underground and unarguably massive with everything in between, always happy to spin tracks for people who want their work spread around, best way to get in touch is a DM via twitter or SC :) get in touch, always keen for a chat!

  • dopeGee replied to the topic 'Dr Monocube (ACID)' in the forum.
    5 hours 48 minutes ago

    Pretty nice job for all portable gear man! I am only just getting into really jamming with hardware so always enjoy listening to what others come up with. If you dont mind me asking what were all of the synths used in this little set? And what model was the verb pedal?

    Regardless, nice acid jam!

  • dopeGee replied to the topic 'Ju Ju [Trip/hip-hop?]' in the forum.
    5 hours 54 minutes ago

    Hey Caris thanks for the feedback my man! Trust I would love to work with vocals on some of these kinds of tracks at some point, definitely a goal of mine although I still feel like my production is not really ready for that step! I will jump back into the project and play around with a lead or maybe some big orchestral samples and see how I go thanks for the ideas my man.

    I should have explained further but I actually ran right out of time for this as I needed to submit it for a how-to on Serato DJ FX, featured here; I was really chuffed at the opportunity but only wish I could have had more time to get it finished! My holiday cut short the timeframe by half and I am slow on the best of days :) Humbled to be included in the blog post tho so a positive outcome for me, onward and upward right!?

    Thanks again for the listen my friend, appreciate it!


  • Talien created a new topic ' Need hard critics about my work !' in the forum.
    9 hours 49 minutes ago

    Can anyone check my track and tell me about EQ and history track ?!
    ( the track in on lab, not finish )

    Obrigado B)

  • Talien created a new topic ' Digitalien . ( dirty small preview ) ( FM Bassline' in the forum.
    9 hours 55 minutes ago

    Can i ask about history and EQ of my track ?

    Thanks & enjoy B)

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