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  • houseenjut45
    13 hours 51 minutes ago

  • Canavan replied to the topic 'Operator Tom Design HELP!' in the forum.
    20 hours 44 minutes ago

    Thank you very much for your input. Agreed and have taken on board.

    I did dabble a bit with reverse engineering of the patch and will dabble again over the weekend.I will watch video you have posted (thanks for that) once i type here. I have just started to breakaway from presets of FM7 but its not to stable on my PUSH even when put into a rack! anyways that why i end up becoming more into operator and try to patch my own with sounds with some success on pads and some percussive elements and Kick drum with operator. I think i even got better open hat sound by using my head and fiddling more with operator. Really came up trumps on kick as well..I then rack them so i can tweak easily via push on live play.

    I like using my ableton push and would like to have everything done natively in ableton so i can tweak as i go along ie tighten, soften or even completely change the patch on the "move" or perhaps "on the fly". It has worked really well for me so far with the patches i have made. Just those tom and bongo sounds been niggling at me and again..

    Thankyou for your time and reply with such valid suggestions.



  • Canavan thanks user 'Mr Fork' in the forum message ' Operator Tom Design HELP!'.
    21 hours 5 minutes ago
  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Operator Tom Design HELP!' in the forum.
    21 hours 43 minutes ago

    Then the best way to go about figuring it out may be to reverse engineer the FM7 patch. figure out what's being used for the oscillator types and ratios and routing and go that route. I'm assuming you have an FM7 of course. The problem you're going to run into is that you have a sound in your head and it's probable that no one has made a video for exactly that sound. You're also restricting your search to ableton operator but if you understand FM synthesis and you can find how a patch is made you should be able to translate that over to operator. So for instance here's a video from warp academy for making a tom using fm synthesis and corpus. To find it I searched for "making toms with fm synthesis" in youtube.

    In this case it used operator but they don't specify that in the text description or the title. I wouldn't have found it by specifying ableton operator. Now I personally think this tom sound is a bit too tight based on his clip but I'm betting that you could get that longer tuned sound if you worked some parameters. Also there is a paid series through mac pro video that goes through creating percussion for EDM with ableton native instruments by olav basoski. Downside being it's a paid deal. Still you could grab a one month sub and learn it then drop it. Anyway. I hope that helps. Any time you can't find something specific like that I recommend pulling it back to a more general idea (i.e. ableton operator is phase modulation synthesis or FM synthesis therefore if I can find an FM synth vid on making percussion I can do the same thing in operator). Best of luck.

  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Various Workflow Tips and Tricks for Ableton Live' in the forum.
    22 hours 21 minutes ago

    ak wrote:

    But MAN... is it hard to get your stuff out there. I re-iterate... the internet is a cold, dark place.

    I hear you. It's not really that it's cold and dark just oversaturated. Everyone who writes wants people to listen to their music (probably an over generalization but I'd say more often than not that's the case). I've been trying to figure this out too. Getting your music heard takes alot of socialization, time, and marketing. Or something really crazy like that Nigel Stanford video on cytomics. Listening to other people's tracks and leaving constructive comments is a good way to get noticed. Have you listened to any of the tracks from the "post your music" section here? Might be a good way to get some additional listens. Not even just on these forums but on any forums. Or even on youtube commenting on other artists tracks or ableton videos might get you some extra clicks. I really have no idea what you've tried but there's a couple suggestions. Also advertising in your vids for your music like you've been doing is a great way to get some clicks and listens as your vids gain popularity (assuming they do....I think you have some good advice in there and have mentioned you to other musicians I know as a place to go for ableton tips).

    Thanks for pointing me to that vid. I wouldn't have guessed that's what you were doing based on the name. I'm checking it out. Long videos don't bother me. I've spent countless hours watching sound design and production videos not to mention sat through plenty of warp academy's webinars.

  • Canavan replied to the topic 'Operator Tom Design HELP!' in the forum.

    Anyone? I have tried also using Collision lately for the same purpose. Some interesting results but not quite there either.



  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'Various Workflow Tips and Tricks for Ableton Live' in the forum.

    Nice work man, i subbed on the back of the unedited video.

    I personally prefer watching unedited tutorials like this because i like to see how your deal with small problems you run into while trying to teach us something, as we would most likely run into those issues ourselves, these little problems would often look like mistakes and often get edited out of the final video but really these little issues are often what i have problems with personally.

    I watched your other videos and will defo watch more, though its not my genre of music you still learn a lot of tips and tricks which is why i rate Toms tutorials so highly.

    Nice work. :)

  • halfr3d thanks user 'lucky one' in the forum message ' new tracks featured on network---YEAH'.
  • halfr3d thanks user 'Ambassador' in the forum message ' new tracks featured on network---YEAH'.
  • ak replied to the topic 'Various Workflow Tips and Tricks for Ableton Live' in the forum.

    BTW, just wanted to add that I did a video on the 'in between' step .. before you go from session to arrange:

    be warned, its like almost an hour, unedited, the voice is not well-balanced... I also tend to ramble a bit... and live crashes on me at like 35:00 or something.

    I am trying to figure out if this video is worth posting; its not as high-quality as my other vids, (or as well prepared) but goes through a pretty comprehensive resampling process, showing a lot of plugs, and shows an interesting workflow I'm starting to really love.

    What do you think? Any criticism is welcomed.

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