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Dear users, I have decided to phase out the posting on the forums on this website and move any discussions over to this private facebook group. While the forums were great 10 years ago, they are now difficult to maintain due to constant spam. I spend most of my time just cleaning them up, rather than interacting. This, combined with finding it difficult to directly communicate with other users through several different social media platforms, I have decided to consolodate it all to one group where people can chat with me, ask questions and jibber jabber with other users on a regular basis. I will not make the forums offline as there is a wealth of content, but posting has now been disabled. Thanks to all those who have contributed over the years, and I'll see you over on the Facebook group! -Tom

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Pro Member Download Area Files

Pro Toolkit 0.1.1

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • The latest version of the Pro Tool Kit collection of Max for Live utilities.

Pseudo-Scratch 0.9

Updated on 28 May 2015

  • Project containing the Max for Live devices "Pseudo-Scratch"

Serum Bass Presets

Updated on 16 April 2015

  • Bass Presets for the Serum Synthesizer

Tom Cosm & Jbam Kickstarter Sample Pack

Updated on 19 June 2015

Tom Cosm - Chelsei's Sea Shells Project

Updated on 10 October 2014

  • Project File for the Chelsei's Sea Shells Track

Tom Cosm - Devastated Septum Project

Updated on 15 November 2014

  • Project File for the Devastated Septum Track

Tom Cosm - DJ Megaset 2.0 Project

Updated on 03 April 2014

  • An adapted version of the popular Megaset 2.0 for DJing with Ableton Live.
  • Version: 2.0

Tom Cosm - Habanero Handjob Project

Updated on 12 September 2014

Tom Cosm - Leakage 0.9 Beta

Updated on 21 May 2014

  • Beta version of the Leakage glitchy bassline device.

Tom Cosm - Mind Gobbies Project

Updated on 07 October 2014

  • Project file of my tune Mind Gobbies

Tom Cosm - Procession Of The Triumphant Kerdumbledorks Project

Updated on 06 November 2014

  • Project file for Procession Of The Triumphant Kerdumbledorks track :)

Tom Cosm - Seepage 0.9 Beta

Updated on 10 September 2014

  • Beta version of the Seepage additive synthesizer Max for Live patch.
  • Version: 0.9.1

Tom Cosm - Techno Machine 1.2.0

Updated on 29 July 2017

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