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  • SUBSET thanks user 'DamonBreakz' in the forum message ' Cosmic Core Genre Album 2 ! " ?....From The Core"'.
    7 minutes ago
  • Bl4cksun replied to the topic 'Tactile bass system. Hearing/Feeling sub bass' in the forum.
    24 minutes ago

    Did you get the seat or wearable option?
    Do you have to learn how to mix with it, as I guess a lot of those frequencies you cant hear only feel? I noticed you played a lot of commercial stuff you knew first before playing your own mixes through it. Have you tried a mix down on one of your tracks with this and phones and how did it compare to what you had originally done?
    How does a mix made with phone/subpac translate to an iphone with ear buds?
    So many questions, I can definitely see the benefit if your tunes are to be played in a club, but unsure how useful it would be for mixing a track for most mobile/ear phone listeners.

  • Mr Fork created a new topic ' Tactile bass system. Hearing/Feeling sub bass' in the forum.
    1 hour 14 minutes ago

    So I've been trying to come up with a good solution for being able to hear bass and sub frequencies and I do have some stack speakers that provide some good low end bass.......but I have kids. Typically while they are awake I can't hear anything outside my headphones and at night I can't use my stack speakers because they are too loud and the bass frequencies transfer too much across the walls in my house. Was trying to figure out a good way to deal with it without having to throw a ton of money at soundproofing and bass trapping. So I came across this.

    There are some big names backing this product. I was going through a warp academy webinar on mixing and the guest mix engineer they brought in mentioned this thing and says it's all but replaced his studio subs. I thought that was kind of strange as this thing is strictly tactile (meaning you can't hear it you can only feel it). I can understand for really low subtones but what about when the bass gets into the audible range. Anyway after talking to their team they gave me a 30 day or so money back guarantee and they said "you're just going to have to try works". So I preordered the new Subpac S2. It came in the mail last night and I'm NOT going to be sending it back.

    Now I know this thing isn't going to be for everyone but I think that it's an amazingly viable option in mixing, mastering, and production (as well as just listening to music or even movies or games). So for those who don't know what this is it's basically this little pack that looks like one of those back massage pads you can buy for an office chair. What it does though is it sends accurately tuned vibrations through your back and you end up feeling the bass like you would in a club with decent subs or in a car with decent subs. It's like strapping a subwoofer to your back. Now I'm not going to say it feels EXACTLY like standing in a room with huge subs but the feeling is similar. This thing has a bit of a learning curve. The first couple minutes it just felt like the pac was vibrating in time to the music but as you adjust the intensity, the position of the pac on your back, and get used to the feeling of the bass I realized that I was able to "hear" and "feel" all low bass crossing over where my headphones drop off. And very accurately I might add. I spent a couple hours just listening to tracks that I know and then I went to listen to my own tracks and immediately noticed some big gaps in how my productions have been going especially in the bass.

    The best news about this to me is that I can crank my volume on this thing and it emits very little noise. So lo and behold I now have an option for working with sub bass that will not wake up my wife and kids and is amazingly accurate.

    A couple other things I noted as being very helpful about this. It's movable. You can take it with you on trips or even take it outside with you, find some nature, and write some bass heavy music lol. It has a 6+ hour rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. Also no need to treat the room for bass. The bass is being directly inputted into your back so you don't have to worry about acoustics changing up the sound and misrepresenting the audio. And one final's sending bass into your back with some bass heavy music and you have instant massage chair lol.

    Anyway long story short (even though this is a long post) I think this thing is awesome. If you have the opportunity to try one out I highly recommend it. I am looking forward to seeing how this will affect my mixes and sound design. If you guys have any questions about it I'll answer what I can.

  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Cosmic Core Genre Album 2 ! " ?....From The Core"' in the forum.
    6 hours 56 minutes ago

    This may have already been answered but I didn't see it. Where are we supposed to upload our bio to and what format do you want it in (txt, doc, pdf, etc)? Or are we just supposed to email it to someone?

  • Bl4cksun thanks user 'DamonBreakz' in the forum message ' Cosmic Core Genre Album 2 ! " ?....From The Core"'.
    11 hours 15 minutes ago
  • DamonBreakz replied to the topic 'Cosmic Core Genre Album 2 ! " ?....From The Core"' in the forum.
    12 hours 14 minutes ago

    Yeah, it is a March release now, I think the music has put us into a sleepy Trance =)

    So, as Luc said, no Mr Cosm on this one now. He did try but has a lot on right now. Hopefully he'll be back for the next one.

    I have a week off work from tonight. I will prepare everything for this album and upload to Bandcamp to get ready for release. When we have the remaining tracks mastered and uploaded, we'll set it to public and ....finished! <-- :ohmy:

    //Damon Breakz\\

  • AlClemist replied to the topic 'Are you new? Introduce yourself here!' in the forum.
    23 hours 46 minutes ago

    Hello new to the forums. Im still getting the basics of Ableton just got live 9 last year. Im also in the remixing state but soon to get professional of my own creations. I also play 4 other instruments and in a band.

    Masan Thanks guys! I appreciate it!
    11 months ago 1
  • AlClemist uploaded a new avatar.
  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'Cosmic Core Genre Album 2 ! " ?....From The Core"' in the forum.

    lucky one wrote:

    Damon Breakz told me yesterday that Tom had not enough time to do a track.
    So I will work on the last two mastering (Scheimann and FS&A) this week, and we should be good to go.


    Ah man what a bummer, a cosmic core album without Mr Cosm himself? :(

  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Clarity - Mr Fork - Trance' in the forum.

    Hey Feyra :)

    Thanks for taking a listen. The had a saw pad and then a gated pad. The saw pad ends before the leads come back in. Maybe it was the gated pad? I'll have to take another listen.

    Yeah I am trying to figure out EDM structure for arrangement. Basically want to be faster at arranging a track after getting the idea down. Most of the tutorials out there are pretty well into dance territory. So I went with a standard trance feel for this one. Was fun and the track came together pretty fast. Anyway good to hear from you again. :cheer:

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