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  • "You don't just mix sounds, you mix emotion, that's real talent"
    Paul Scheberle (US)
    53 minutes ago
  • Menzius replied to the topic 'your greatest weakness' in the forum.
    Excellent idea - let´s see...

    1. I´m a mess if it comes to finishing tracks - as soon as I feel, I got all the ideas together I have a hard time to get myself to do all the housekeeping, mixing and detail work
    2. I´m to protective about my ideas - I definitley need to learn how to abandon and/or delete weak tracks instead of wasting more time on making a weak idea halfway interesting
    3. I never manage to make my tracks sound like one song instead of a bunch of instruments playing together
    58 minutes ago
  • Karl37 thanks user 'Bl4cksun' in the forum message ' your greatest weakness'.
    3 hours 10 minutes ago
  • French replied to the topic 'your greatest weakness' in the forum.
    Good Idea man.

    1. I have jumbled busy track (your number 3.) syndrome pretty bad sometimes. The best way round is probably getting ruthless and scrapping several tracks or jump ship completely.
    2. This is partly due to 1. I get bogged down with certain tracks sometimes and end up nitpicking with little things that have no real impact in the scheme of the track.
    3. Caring too much about trying to get the track to sound like this artist or this genre. This makes the process less fun for me too!
    4 hours 8 minutes ago
  • Bl4cksun replied to the topic 'your greatest weakness' in the forum.
    Hey my weaknesses are a combination of yours and karls. here's mine and what I try to do to combat them...

    1) Ears are shot, cant hear anything over 8khz and it starts to tail off after 2khz, oh on top of that I have tinnitus. So if you read this, please protect your ears, you will be a worse dj, producer, artist if you let them get damaged. I make use of the visual clues of ableton's eq and spectrum, plus play my music to people like the ones on here to pick out stuff that's wrong that I cant hear.

    2) I too only have a base grasp of music theory. Push was a god send in this and before I got push, I used an Eigen harp pico to play as it too allowed you to set the scale. Although playing in scale/key isn't the only thing to do with music theory it does allow most of my random noodles to sound ok and occationally good. I record everything and just keep the good.

    3) Crap musician. Coupled with (2) Im not that great a musician, although I have a great sense of rhythm, my fingers don't seem to want to follow what my brain/heart tells them. I often slow the tempo down to overcome this. Also although I can 'feel' when stuff doesn't work and in my head know what would work, my fingers seem to take ages to pick up on this. Hence when coming up with new ideas I tend to record a lot of stuff whilst playing around then pick out the stuff that works, together with quantitation, scale and manually editing the resultant midi gets me somewhere closer to whats in my head. I envy artists that can pick up an instrument then jam along with other people. Ive only been able to do this if people call out the key changes!

    4) Synthesis, I love making new sounds, and I even have a rudimentary grasp of at least subtractive synthesis. However I have a really bad memory and struggle to remember what change creates what effect in the sound. So most of the sounds I create are happy accidents with me only giving the general direction of the sound.

    5) Keeping a track interesting. This one is less of an issue and I have to thank this web site for overcoming it. In the past my tracks lacked interest, with very few effects, sweeps, crashes, etc. Often I'd listen back to a track and wonder why it sounded ok if it were only a 1 1/2 minutes long but sounded boring and repetitive when played as a full track. Watching a lot of tom's (and other) videos Ive realised just how much a few tweeks in the sounds and a libreral smattering of fx sounds can liven up a track, so I spent a whilst with my synth creating and recording a bunch of sweeps, builds, falls, crashes, etc which I now drop on my tracks.

    6) Mixing/Mastering. Im just crap at this, a lot of the time I blame it on my hearing and try to eq each sound based on visual cues, but Im just crap at giving instruments room with panning and reverb. It is getting better but I would love more tutorials on this (hint hint Tom).

    Sorry about the length of this post.. quite depressing really reading my own comments back, but liberating reading that even people like Karl who produce such great music, have issues (many similar to my own).
    4 hours 12 minutes ago
  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'Happy Easter everyone!' in the forum.
    :laugh: Happy Easter man, that's a great way to spend it too, me on the other hand...well i'm working lol.
    4 hours 24 minutes ago
  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'New Here.' in the forum.
    Hi and welcome to the site and forums.

    Im sure it will be sorted out very soon, it is the Easter holidays and im sure Tom and the team are away chilling and will be back on it tomorrow.
    It will be sorted as soon as they see this post im sure.

    Be sure to contact Support too:
    4 hours 30 minutes ago
  • kim.loco replied to the topic 'your greatest weakness' in the forum.
    I feel terrible at mixing too..I think it takes a long time to develop your ears for this.
    I have ton of halfinished projects and ideas wich i feel stuck on.But i know suddently when i feel inspired enough i go back to these project and finished them,so its not all bad. I also have a problem to think to early that the project is finished,when there really are tons more to do with the tune.
    I guess thats my worst weakness.
    4 hours 30 minutes ago
  • Karl37 thanks user 'brenno9' in the forum message ' your greatest weakness'.
    4 hours 36 minutes ago
  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'your greatest weakness' in the forum.
    Good topic.
    1. Musical theory and the lack of it would be my main weakness, even to a basic level, i have managed so far to not let it influence my music or let it become an obstruction, but i feel that if i'm to move up a few levels then i feel i could really learn more about it.
    The trouble is i am to impatient to learn it, people have even helped me on this site but i just cant grasp it. very frustrating.

    2. I make music for myself, personally this does not bother me, but i think making music for yourself will only get you so far unless its the commercial crap you actually like making. The music i make is pretty much from years gone by and offers nothing new really....but i love it, which is why i make it lol, my point is if i'm going to have in chance in the music world then i need to make music for other people, not just myself.....that's not necessarily how i feel, but i get told it a lot.

    3. Synthesis: I could really brush up in this area, I'm really drawn to already polished and made presets without taking the time to make my own sounds, dont get me wrong...i do do it from time to time, but not enough, i really need to start turning to abletons operator and analog synths more and crafting sounds rather than finding already made sounds....there is nothing wrong with doing this, its just i think it would again improve me a s a producer.

    I'm sure there is more lol, but id say those 3 were my main issues so far.
    4 hours 37 minutes ago
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