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  • halfr3d replied to the topic 'New track feat Master minded -Masters of gratitude' in the forum.
    4 hours 31 minutes ago

    @Maytaj: I'm glad you love it!
    We are currently collaborating on anothet track that will be ready soon... so...stay tuned!

  • Maytaj replied to the topic 'New track feat Master minded -Masters of gratitude' in the forum.
    4 hours 54 minutes ago

    Very good, I love it :)

  • Maytaj replied to the topic 'producer quality headphones' in the forum.
    4 hours 55 minutes ago

    hey guys. A while back I posted on the ableton board about good headphones for mixing. It seemed the consensus pick (and wasn't discounted once) was the Sennheiser HD 600s.
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  • Bl4cksun replied to the topic 'Guitar signal issue with my interface HELP!' in the forum.
    5 hours 1 minute ago

    check the routing in the saffire control program, sounds to me you have it setup for direct monitoring where the input signal is also routed to the output inside the sound interface. This is normally how you would have it setup for a singer so that they get zero delay on their vocals in their headphones.

  • Jemeneye created a new topic ' Guitar signal issue with my interface HELP!' in the forum.
    9 hours 23 minutes ago

    My guitar’s unaffected signal will always sound out of 'one' of my studio monitors egardless of panning, effects, and/or plugins (like guitar rig). Let me be more specific.....

    i.e. If guitar is plugged into Mic Preamp slot/location #1, my guitar’s unaffected signal will always sound out of my Left monitor. For instance, if I pan this track all the way to the right, sound will still come out of both monitors.

    This gets very annoying when playing with guitar rig. My guitar tone in 'guitar rig' will come out of both monitors, however, I can still hear the unaffected tone coming out of the left monitor.

    This problem also happens when plugged into the other Mic Preamp (slot/location #2), only this time the reverse is true and sound will always come out unaffected from the right monitor.

    I have a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB 2.0. Any help or insight into this type of problem is greatly appreciated. I've tried everything I possibly can to remedy this. Please HALP!

  • Bl4cksun created a new topic ' Electronic Music Tutorial, how to produce a hit' in the forum.
    13 hours 32 minutes ago

    Some great tips in this video from DjsfromMars

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    23 hours 26 minutes ago

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  • Kayak6000 uploaded a new Profile cover

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  • Bl4cksun replied to the topic 'Mastering Information' in the forum.

    don't forget one objective of mastering is to get the track to sound good on a number of different playback systems. Check the before an after in the car, on your iPhone, through crappy laptop speakers, in the bath! Hopefully the mastered track although sounding just louder on your reference monitors, should sound better across all systems as a whole. In fact it might sound worse on your perfect mixing monitors.

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