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  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Mr Fork new track - A Reflection of Blue' in the forum.
    6 minutes ago

    @ vk_ Thanks for taking a listen man. The snare isn't a sample. I haven't used samples much for drums since NI came out with their drum synths in maschine 2.0. I find it much easier to just use a synth of some sort to create what I'm hearing in my head instead of trying to bend a sample to my will. Just seems to take a lot more time searching through samples. So that was one of the snare synth models and then I used some gentle saturation to give it a little more bite and bring it forward and then used a transient shaper to give it a bit more punch and bring the sustain down. Put a plate reverb with a short decay on it after that.

    The lead line that I'm using for a melody was just a piece of a really long improv that I did on the track while messing around. I guess I could make an extended cut and bring some of that back in if I can't get a guitarist to work with me. Hoping I can though.

    @Karl I'm familiar with Michael Wadlow. I'm friends with him on FB and I'm following him on soundcloud. I didn't know he was an ipad composer. That's really cool. I'm trying to get one myself but I'm not sure I'd write full songs on it. Have to see I guess. Depends on the workflow. Anyway I'll see if I can contact him or Jack to see if he'd be willing to put something down for me. Thanks for the tip.

    @Feyra I'll email it to ya along with the lead in case you want that too. Favorite track? Sweet!!! :cheer:

  • Mr Fork thanks user 'Feyra Bass' in the forum message ' Mr Fork new track - A Reflection of Blue'.
    29 minutes ago
  • Mr Fork thanks user 'Karl37' in the forum message ' Mr Fork new track - A Reflection of Blue'.
    29 minutes ago
  • Mr Fork thanks user 'vk_' in the forum message ' Mr Fork new track - A Reflection of Blue'.
    29 minutes ago
  • Feyra Bass replied to the topic 'Mr Fork new track - A Reflection of Blue' in the forum.
    1 hour 44 minutes ago

    This is my favorite track of yours!
    I really like the thump of that kick drum. I'm also into that bass and since I also went for Serum during the sale I'll take that preset. B)

    I agree about having a guitarist on the track. Sounded pretty close to real in the meantime.
    Excellent work my man! Really well done.

  • Karl37 replied to the topic 'Mr Fork new track - A Reflection of Blue' in the forum.
    2 hours 7 minutes ago

    No problem mate. If your looking for a guitarist have a look at Jack Morefield on Soundcloud he works with a producer named Micheal Wadlow who produces purely on ipad. They have a group called refracted memories and Jack plays a lot of the guitar on the tracks which are very Dave Glimour inspired. Check em out I know Micheal quite well. (I'd link but I'm on my mobile lol) ;)

  • anereu uploaded a new Profile cover

    2 hours 46 minutes ago

  • vk_ replied to the topic 'Neurofunk tune finished' in the forum.
    2 hours 51 minutes ago

    sound great bro! love the mix and crunchy bass

  • vk_ replied to the topic 'Mr Fork new track - A Reflection of Blue' in the forum.
    2 hours 55 minutes ago

    Hey man, sounds great! I agree w all the comments above. I also like the snare sample, not sure what i like about it specifically, but it sits great with the groove :) I also agree that an improvised lead (no matter what instrument really :) ) would fit in great in this song.

  • Mr Fork replied to the topic 'Mr Fork new track - A Reflection of Blue' in the forum.
    5 hours 6 minutes ago

    Bl4cksun wrote:

    Welcome back, thought we'd lost you to the ps4 for good ;)
    Loved the track, that base is just sublime, which synth did you use for that?
    Really clean sound
    Would love to hear a version of that played live with a dave gilmour type guitarist improvising the lead line but the lead synth sounds good too.

    LoL! No the PS4 isn't holding me back. ;)

    Just ending up that I only get about 30-45 minutes at the end of any given day to do something without interruption (I tried that for a while but it got frustrating fast constantly getting interrupted mid idea). Ultimately I'm hoping that when I'm done building my studio room I'll be able to get more music done. For now I've been doing a ton of sound design/synth patch design and tutorials......or playing Call of Duty or Destiny lol. I'd like to check out the new Assassins Creed as well.

    Anyway the lead and the bass were done in Xfer Serum. On the bass I used Ohmicide as well for some mid - high mid crunch. I picked up Serum and Uhe Bazille when they were initially on sale. I love both of them but I'd have to say I love working with Bazille probably the most. Serum is more intuitive though. Both CPU intensive but the sound quality is amazing on both. The Bass patch is one of the patches I made. If you end up getting serum let me know and I'll email you the patch file if you want it. Bazille did all the chords, pads, and bleeps.

    Yeah the lead patch I went for I kinda wanted to sound like an electric guitar. Actually I'd love to even do an extended version of the track with a guitarist (know anyone who could handle it?)

    @Karl. Thank you. Good ear on the reverse FX. The piano line my wife added in. She'll be happy to hear that it went over well (I've been trying to get her into writing. she's actually very good). Maybe I shouldn't tell her. I won't hear the end of it for days. ;)

    Anyway. Thank you to both of you for taking a listen. Very much appreciated the feedback.

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