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  • zaacmac thanks user 'Fatb0y-nz' in the forum message ' Cardboard in the bottom of my shoes'.
    2 hours 25 minutes ago
  • DomDavenport created a new topic ' Builders optimising urban living' in the forum.
    6 hours 31 minutes ago

    Builders are propelling Kochi into fame with the introduction of new construction projects with international standards and innovative architectural planning. Many of the large apartment projects scheduled in the city are the contributions of famous builders. The new flats and apartments are rendering élan to urban life. These builders are creating a niche in the field of construction for their unique residential projects. They have successfully settled many urban residents in new flats and apartments located in urban sites. builder in Kochi can improve the quality of life that the residents lead. The services of builders are transforming the city with many new residential projects into an urban retreat. These builders are promoting urban life among residents with their new apartments and flats that accommodate a large fraction of the population. There is an influx of residents opting to own urban flats and apartments for pursuing career. The projects of builders are providing comforts to many; these projects also lure residents from suburban areas and settle them with the better opportunities available in the city. Kochi is a developing city and the plans of the builders are providing comfortable and new urban homes to many. The influence of the increasing urban settlements is optimising its living conditions. The effective functioning of the builders in scheduling residential projects is providing urban homes to professionals and potential buyers. This is leading to the increase in the numbers of residents who can contribute their income to the urban living. While accommodating professionals in their residential projects, builders are providing their per capita income to the city.

  • Efkleidis uploaded a new avatar.
  • Tom Cosm
    12 hours 7 minutes ago

    I just created a new utility for free! Enjoy…

  • Bergamus replied to the topic '100bpm aquatic whompy tune (432hz)' in the forum.
    13 hours 19 minutes ago

    halfr3d wrote:

    if u use operator, detune ur fine course to a value between 962 and 968 (check with a tuner) , this bascially shifts your oscillator one octave up -32 cents and then adjust the global pitch to make it sit where u want
    if u use analog you find detune on the right
    the same happens for collision /corpus/ sampler

    Awesome! Thank you so much for the info! I can't wait to get started. I'm definitely a believer in 432hz. I never thought about equal temperament and its relation to 432. It only makes sense that pure intonation would follow. Thanks again for the great info!

  • ulikeyleaky
    13 hours 20 minutes ago

    I cant download the only track I want. Fail

  • Bergamus replied to the topic 'I'd like to take a moment...' in the forum.
    13 hours 32 minutes ago

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Definitely lacks the recording quality for the guitar since I'm using the built-in mic on the laptop. I agree my drums need work. I have trouble getting the punch they need pretty much with all my tracks. Any tips for helping the drums come through?

  • Fatb0y-nz replied to the topic 'Cardboard in the bottom of my shoes' in the forum.
    21 hours 25 minutes ago

    Great song. I like how all the percussion sits nicely in the mix. Nice work.

  • Fatb0y-nz replied to the topic 'New track. Any and all feedback is appreciated.' in the forum.
    21 hours 31 minutes ago

    Thanks for listening and for the feedback. In retrospect the bass is a little overpowering. Something I need to learn to mix and master better. Cheers.

  • Fatb0y-nz thanks user 'zaacmac' in the forum message ' New track. Any and all feedback is appreciated.'.
    21 hours 33 minutes ago
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Quick Chain Select - New Free Utility

This utility allows you to specify 16 individual points on the chain selector, allowing you to jump to that point with a single push of a MIDI assignable button.

There is also a previous/next button to move forward or back through your points.

You can also enter text for each preset, which will be displayed in a popup window so you always know which point is selected.


Two New Track Project Files Available

I've uploaded the entire Ableton Live project files for my two latest tunes, Chelsei's Sea Shells and Mind Gobbies. Here are video runthroughs of each of the two tunes.


Introducing Seepage - Additive Synthesizer

Today I am releasing the beta version of Seepage, an additive style synthersizer/Max for Live patch that gives you control over the behaviour of individual harmonics.

It's available right now for Pro Members to download, play and give feedback on how the future versions should be made.


Hijack Da Bass - Cats In Heat Remix Competition

Hijack Da Bass is quickly rising portuguese team from Portugal. They are currently holding a remix competition for their latest track Cats in Heat.

They are good friends with some of the members of this site, so I've offered to chip in on the prize pool!


In Depth Explanation of the Leakage Glitch Bassline Machine

Today I made a more in depth tutorial video of how to use the Leakage device for those who are a bit unsure. Click here to learn more about Leakage and how to get your hands on it.


Leakage - Automatic Glitch Bassline Machine

I am very proud to announce that my latest device, Leakage, is now available for Pro Members to test out. Although this beta version works (I have not been able to break it) there might be a few flaws here and there, so I encourage you to please let me know in the forums if you come across any bugs that need fixing. 


Tips for Getting Your Tunes on the Radio

So you've crafted the next tech-lord masterpiece and you wanna share it with the world huh? Well let's get to it. Tom has asked me to share some tips with you that may improve your chances of getting played on the radio.


How To Approach Promoters, Artist Managers and Event Organizers

Trying to get booked for events when you are first getting yourself into the scene can be one of the most frustrating parts of being an artist or DJ.

When I first started, one of the things I wish I had hard wired into my brain is the fallacy of expecting of an equal amount of response, attention and effort to that of which you put in when you made a submission. A lot of the time you won’t get anything - but it’s not your fault!


6 Common Mix-takes That Producers Often Make

Preparing your tracks to get mastered? Follow this guide to find solutions to common mistakes producers often make.


Producer Chatline - Talk With Other Artists Within Ableton Live

Producer Chatline instantly connects you to any other users that are currently using the device.